Trail of Tears Never Happened. Colonial America is a Hoax. Fake indians Pt 1

Fake Gold Rush and Land Lotto to Redefine Borders and jurisdiction

Before the Trail of Tears there was the Territory which the military main job was to keep people out of. Legislation was enacted and the penalty for trespassing on Indian Territory was mandatory 4 yrs hard labor, meanwhile the military is supposedly clearing roads and building infrastructure. the westward expansion of GA happened in small, deliberate increments, each time there line moved the ‘Indians’ were supposedly right on the other side waiting to rape the women and scalp the children. The Indian myth was meant to keep people from wandering into restricted areas that were yet ready for repopulation. Much of the old pre-reset buildings and architecture was destroyed during the Civil War, Especially Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Finally when they are ready to repopulate the South in 1829 they have a manufactured ‘Gold Rush’, much like in Cali 20 years later for the same reason, at this point they have to do something to explain away the Indians which were never there to begin with, just another media generated boogyman. So the gov draws up some official legislation which cleans up the presence of Indians real nice, well not for the Indians.

There is even a land lotto which distributed land that was once in the I.T. (Indian Territory) to entice people to relocate. Im sure there was no gold and if there was the property doled out was not randomly selected. The Colonial America myth was mainly about land grabs. Titles, deeds, Wills, contracts, all fabricated Binding-Ritual contracts. The whole human race is governed by contracts that are hundreds of years old and were nothing but stage props to begin with, *check Magna Carta. This explains how prominent members of society got their start.

The only thing constant was a military presence. That’s bc the military was keeping the early settlers contained. The media blasted reports of ‘savage’ murders to keep the fear of the potential threat instilled like they always do and always have. The whole time the population is kept from entering territory the military is cutting roads and building the infrastructure. The Big Dig”. This could be a good way to explain how certain structures could have existed before the outside population was allowed in, they were digging out, the Big Dig. There are reports of entire ghost towns that built up around gold mines and old military post built for the Removal and then abandoned, same thing we see out west, if there was no gold rush or Indians but a preexisting town and some feral survivors that would seem more likely. The military just went in and repaired whatever they could or had to just enough to start letting the people in (repopulation), the whole time before-hand everyone was kept out under threat of Indians, plus legislation that declared mandatory minimum 4 years hard labor. Then when everything’s about ready they have a gold rush, the papers that were just fear mongering people to stay away are now urging them to jump in with everything they have. There’s even a land lotto hosted by the state drummed up to dismiss how certain people got choice locations.  

All of a sudden land that was once off- limits and could get you 4 yrs on the chain gang was being handed out for free by the Govt with the promise of gold. It wouldn’t be hard to fake the gold rush. There was a first gold rush to repopulate NC in 1804, this was the story of the 17 pound nugget used as a doorstop for years before somebody noticed it and paid $3.50 for it. Then the GA rush to expand the jurisdiction a little bit further, these two were a practice run and build-up to the big one of ’49 which repopulated all the way to the West Coast.

There weren’t many people settled here at the time, you cant believe census numbers, when real people started showing up is when the sensationalized media accounts start to taper off

While I know there were no Pre-Colombian Indian tribes I also think there were survivors of the Great Reset event. who knows how long before the Reset and Repopulation. There were also pre repopulation manufactering towns. The whole Appalachia all the way up into Canada had people preparing. the Jamestown settlement was one example of a setteled area before people started showing up, the abandoned settlement was scripted to explainaway any development left over, the attack by the savage Indains only played into the narrative, Harpers Ferry was another manufacturing town going back to prehistory. the Appalachin Trail is an ancient footpath going from GA all the way to Maine but Im sure at this early point it went even farther in Canada and the modern A.T. cut it off near the border as an attempt to compartmentalize everything… cuz thats what borders do, just ask the map makers from the Morse tribe, Resetter partners of the McKenna’s. The Trail of Tears was similar to the AT as well, an ancient footpath headed west instead of north but the concept is the same.

The T.o.T. is a good clean way, however unpleasant, of explaining away any presence of native peoples in the area. It is an unfortunate part of the narrative that must be addressed, similarly we see this with the Australian Aboriginals as well, more accurately the lack of them. If this was really a pristine environment closed to outsiders since the Ice Age one would expect to see huge populations and developed cultures but we don’t see that so the only real explanation that makes since in the colonial narrative is the cultures were wiped out by the colonists. Elaborate and heart-wrenching stories are inserted in his-story books to dismiss the lack of indigenous people but in reality, there were none.  

Historians dismiss weak spots in their story by explaining away lack of physical evidence, such as the removal of military posts, incomplete narratives, incorrect dates, numbers and locations, misstated names and the confused between federal troops and state militia. (There was no difference, only compartmentalization) to simply bad record keeping. I think the answer is the outline of the narrative was written first and the gaps were filled in later. The government’s position was never clear; sometimes they were protecting the Indians, sometimes they were rounding them up for departure.  

Prez John Q Adams supported Indian autonomy, in 1826 the state of GA asked for a removal treaty. In 1828 A. Jackson was elected, a supporter of removal. 

May 28th 1830, Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act as part of a bigger plan of annexing Native land for the westward expansion. It would be 8 years until the alleged round-up and march took place. Thousands of mostly Cherokee nations. were marched across the south to new reservations. A section of railway in AL seems to have been built for the purpose of moving them through this territory swiftly, one of our subjects in another thread is said to have been the train operator.  

Thomas McKenney, first Indian Commissioner

One of the spookiest Reset families out there are the McKenna’s, and variations thereof. The clan is involved with many psychological warfare operations from the firt officer of the fake Indian office of the Dept of War, to the counterculture revolution of the hippy days. Mckenney traveled around the country and wrote descriptive books about their customs and cataloged tribes and was a portrait painter for the War Dept. These books were the foundation for the narrative for the next 200 years.

Thomas L. McKenney is the one responsible for inventing the Hollywood imagry of the Indian rain-dance, he worked for the govt Indian Department and published a descriptive book about several tribes. The stereotype drunken drum circles with mostly naked painted bodies, chanting and two-stepping. The Phoenix backed it up. Of course they would print it, it’s why the paper was produced.  They admit in the archives the papers are taken as historical documents whose authenticity is unquestionable. 

The headlines that proclaimed the ‘Atrocity of Injustice’ and ran the story about a lotto winner that showed up at his new property and killed the native family that had been cultivating the land forever… wait for it… The Cherokee Phoenix. Who else? The media rag is also a mouthpiece for the National Council and one the front page of the same paper we see establishing other stereotypes of Indians gambling and drinking, which the Council puts a ban on, over reach. This is the second occurance of a fake newspaper printing multiple threads on the same fake doc, like in the Lexington Concorde papers from the supposed Revolution there is inserted slavery, here there is inserted drunk Indian and gaming stereotypes. This is the role of the Phoenix. So far I think it was a real paper in print at the time but the contents were completely fake and it had the appearance of being for the natives but it was for the settlers the whole time, they had no clue the contents where fake and just saw the atrocious headlines and drunken Indians, just like today we see images in the news about a fake war in Ukraine and the savage Russian potential threat, people eat that shit up. They were writing the false narrative and nobody even knew, sound familiar? 

*See also, Canton Indian Insane Asylum South Dakota 

Sequoyla is credited with developing the Cherokee language which he taught along the Trail of Tears to the other native. This is the first and only surviving pic. Portraits were done by the War Dept bc they were psychological warfare on the people, not bc they were in a war with ‘Indians’. Sequoyia’s dress appears more like the Indians of India and not like the associated imagary of Native Americans at the end of the 1800’s, which script writers would have a century to develop elaborate costumes and customs. Sequoyia also started the first newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix

This pic is the only original portrait of the Indian delegates the War Department painted their portraits. War dept of the psychological warfare involving fake Indian wars. a two-fer. The collection was lost in a fire at the Smithsonian and when this resurfaced it became the only one. That story means either the portrait is a fake or the collection wasn’t lost and McKenna released one, bc that’s what they do. It’s possible there was no collection. All they needed was one or two for the papers and the rest were all fiction with the script being known in advance they were gonna be lost in a fire. or stolen or lost, that kinda thing. It also appears that at this early in the game the image of the American Indian hadn’t been fully developed, look at the head dress and clothing. Not something you’d expect to see a pre-Colombian Native to be wearing huh? Tommy McKenny was responsible for creating. Or at least introducing the modern Cherokee alphabet. (This would be the work of the elocutionists such as Alexander Melville Bell at such places like Edinburgh.) There was a Halfbreed named Sequoyah that supposedly spent a lot of time with McKenny as he published books about different tribes and accompanying portraits. Sequoyah supposedly taught this umbrella language to fleeing Indians on the trail along with printing a bible and the newspaper. To me this character may have or have not even existed it doesn’t matter, he was just a vehicle for the: language. These were all the Ferals being corralled west to the reeducation camps and manual schools. Notice the way the language was inserted was via newspaper and religion. Religion and media were both intended from the start as a domestication tool.  

McKenna was six years Superintendent of Indian Trade, hmm, wonder how much wealth could be generated from that position, Im thinking of all the Indian Trading Posts being owned like a kwik-e-mart chain, especially considering all the funds for supposedly compensating the Cherokee for their property and belongings. Appointed by Prez Monroe first director of Office of Indian Affairs. 

For details about the official governing body of the Cherokee people and bios of the early leaders see Fake Indians Part 2

Sequoyah would write the Cherokee constitution, published only after a few editions of the Phoenix were printed, it was the first book printed in the Cherokee language. Elias Boudinot would translate the work and used special type imported from Boston. So this is more circumstantial evidence Sequoyah didn’t exist either. He was an apparition spook authors would attach his name to make it appear authentic. That’s why his portrait was the only one to survive, only to hold up the illusion that he ever existed in the first place. Native bibles were a heavy tool too. Dating as far back as the 1600’s the Algonquin bible was the largest book printed in America at the time, who could ever challenge such a document? The bible was conceived and completed by the Rev. John Eliot (1604-1690) as one facet of his mission to the Massachusetts Bay Indians, funded by the Corporation for the Promoting and Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England. The inclusion of a religious front to serve as a way to deal with the Native Question is used repeatedly by the scriptwriters. (see Samuel Worcester and the ABCFM and institutes such as the Oak Ridge Mission in Oklahoma for those that made it all the way to the end of the Trail.) Translation of the bible was done mainly by Eliot himself with assistance from a Job Nesutan at Harvard’s Indian College. Link here for further research. In 1825 the Cherokee capital was established in New Echota by the National Counsil and the constitution was written in ’27. So within 2 years they did all that? It would make more sense to me this was scripted to look like an organic series of events that played out naturally. The egos of these people. 

Sequoya’s letter system was called ‘Talking Leaves’. He worked at a salt mine in Arkansas. Was befriended and taught by Charles Hicks. Fought in the battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814 during the Creek War. Most of the people in his-story narrative participated in the fight. Must look for significance. 

McKenney’s first official duty was to secure a treaty for mineral rights from the Chippawa Nation. There was no tribe, there were no minerals. This is a disguise for usurping jurisdiction, land grabbing pirates. 

The earlier 1804 NC gold rush I think was just media fiction. It was foreshadowing. If a fake gold rush had been planned from the beginning it would make sense to insert a story in the recent past in approximate location. Just long enough so that it would only be a generation or two away. As far as location goes the repopulation started north and worked its way down. GA was the last to see settlement, nobody wanted to go there plus the fake Indian scare, something had to happen to spur settlement. It’s a mass-migration event. This also fits the profile of the 49’ gold rush to spur development out west. 

One town by the name of Ellijay is featured frequently in the narrative, it was named in 4 different locations on the map in four different government documents going back to Indian census in 1721. Here we find another character that played the controlled opposition resistance leader which the military decided to make an example of, the Halfbreed Indian by the name of White Path (for real) 

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  1. I’m a bit lost. Are you saying there were zero Indians? If so, who was rounded up and corralled on reservations: the “ferals” who survived The Reset? Or are you saying there actually were no round-ups and reservations?

    And if so about the “ferals”, who exactly were these ferals? How sophisticated was the society that they had known? Were they actually highly advanced, e.g., 21st or 22nd century, with merely the backstory that everything was simple and primitive at the same (like Little House on the Prairie or The Amish)?

    Who are the dark-skinned people that we have seen in the media for many decades (e.g., Northern Exposure) and told were Indians?

    Please clarify and enlighten, if you’d be so kind. This is all fascinating! Thank you.


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