Buffalo Shooter False Flag

Buffalo Shooter False Flag

If you found this page I’m assuming you already have a pretty good grip on reality. That’ll save loads of time trying to catch you up on the string of false flag psychological warfare being put on the human population to maintain control. I just found out about an hour there was another supposed active mass-shooter. I usually dont pay much attn to the normie world. Its all staged, scripted, orchestrated… whatever. So dont put your energy into these things. I have heard the word auto-hoaxer used as derogatory slang. Cynical is more P.C.. Anyway I watched the video of his. I guess like a go-pro thing. This angle is pretty common, ‘to see thru the eyes of the killer’. FPS video games too. A manifesto too, almost forgot, all the good ones have that, gotta read the manifesto. I mean you should know.

Oh shoot, its like 180 pages, nobody will ever read it bc of how long it is… Aces and Eights. Hmm, 13 people shot, 11 black people, 10 deaths, 18 yrs old… Well the number markers are all hit.

As for the video I can leave a link here with an asterisk I am not supporting or promoting the host. The first lady to get hit falls flat forward on her face. Wrong direction. A shot from that distance with that caliber would send her back. She just kinda drops her arms and slumps forward. No fucking way. Also blood splatter. I took a screen shot at the moment of impact to show.

These two shots here should work for now. On the right is the moment of impact, you can really see better if you zoom in. I cant zoom and recapture with this app it sucks. There is alot of exposed skin on her upper body so nobody can say she is pooling blood underneath. She just face plants with no reaction to the shot. On the left is her opposite side, this is shot many secs later. The shooter has time to shoot a lady off screen and a second person you can see in gray sweats behind the vehicle, neither of which show any signs of damage. No dents or broken glass. The guy in sweats falls at the wrong time. He hits the ground at the same time as the crisis actor in blue. You will say this is a natural instinct to hit the deck under fire but first you have to register you are under fire. This guy does not react to the reports first. He is waiting for the queue. Once he hears the shots he drops. The shooter takes a couple pot shots at him as he walks away but there is no reaction. The dust clouds look like he shot high.

Here is another supposed victim. This was taken the moment of a point blank head shot. There were dust clouds that puffed up from the bricks around her head but just little poofs. This is a high powered rifle; there would be big chunks of brick blown out needless to say her head wouldnt be attached to her shoulders anymore. This is what real life would look like if someone took that hit.

Like with the puffball dust clouds bouncing off the brick wall and pavement the shooter fires a few rounds into the storefront window.
The window doesnt shatter though, maybe safety glass.

Now hes inside the store, he shoots a few people not even hiding, just laying down right in the middle of the aisle. No blood or wounds. Heres another supposed victim in similar circumstances he reloads and shoots her point-blank in the face. The reload part is important, he is checking the chamber. Its possible he is switching clips, would explain the store front glass, the shot looks like an air blast that blows all the debris away from her and disrupts her hair but again no blood and this shot is the most clear and wouldve been the messiest hit of all.

screen shot taken at the moment of impact, airblast disturbs trash around her but no injury is visible.

The kicker is at the end. The shooter rounds a counter and finds someone hiding behind it, when he takes aim he realizes the victim is white so he apologizes, lowers his weapon and continues on. This is the moment his live feed is cut. Of course it is. That was the best the scriptwriters could come up with for over the top racism.

Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act

The Jewish Democratic Council of America released a statement on May 11th that they “sent hundreds of activists to virtually lobby Democratic lawmakers on a range of issues, including antisemitism, voting rights and abortion access.” OK so thats bullshit, can you think of a more non-intrusive or threatening type of lobbying? By lobby i mean bribe, beg, lie, false promise… Voting is a scam that needs all the help it can get right now and abortion access is just a regurgitated subject in the media to distract and divide and a point of focus, it’ll never go away. Its always antisemitism with these people. An entire industry revolves around antisemitism. Its so profitable for them they continuously pull off a string of false flag active shooter events like this just to make sure it stays that way.

Heres a quote from the article:

“Under the antisemitism umbrella, the group plans to urge passage of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, which has stalled in the House due to opposition from both Republicans and far-left Democrats… increase funding to $360 million and press legislators on backing social media regulation to combat extremism and improve transparency.”

So they been trying to pass this bill, which is really about internet censorship (intelligence) and the 360 mil. The more antisemitism there is the more money these guys get which in turn begets more antisemitism. See the racket they are pulling. What are the chances these guys send out their activists and they pull off a fake mass shooting? Id say more likely the Jewish Social Agitation Bureau started in 1910 never went defunct, just underground. Im surprized info like this still gets out.

Conspiracy Theorists Labeled Domestic Terrorists

The Anti- Defamation League has profitted more than probly anybody when it comes to antisemitism. They had a pre-prepared statement that is overaggressive from the start. The interesting thing is they mention a ‘conspiracy theory’ in the opening paragraph. It mentionst all the racist mass shooters all believe in the ‘Great Replacement’, which is a global plan to exterminate the white race. The thing is though these so called mass-shooters all were psychological operations. They never promote anything that isnt from them. Nothing. The fact they open with it is evidence the plot does exist. They want you to talk about it so you can talk about how crazy it is, how the only people worried about white genocide are crazy racist mass murderers. See how that works.

The part that gets me is this:

“This was yet another predicable attack by an avowed white supremacist who imbibed hateful conspiracy theories online and then turned to violent action, this time targeting mostly Black victims. We cannot remain complacent in the face of this continuing and serious national security threat. More must be done – now – to push back against the racist and antisemitic violence propounded by the far right.

This shooting is a deadly reminder of the dangers of white supremacy, and the need to call out these hateful views at every opportunity. We need our elected leaders at all levels to have the political will to pass meaningful legislation that will hold anyone involved in spreading white supremacist conspiracy theories to account and to stop potentially violent terrorists before they commit a crime.”

Well for starters switch the words Jew and White around and feel how it rolls off the tongue. Thats a hateful racist ass bitch. Even more concerning then that is the ADL’s position on ‘online conspiracy theories’. Who makes them determine whats a theory and whats a bullshit scripted false flag event? Couple this with the article above and their statements about censorship. What would stop them from labeling ME a domestic terrorist for writing this or You for reading this for that matter. “Stop potentially violent terrorists before they commit a crime.” This is pre-crime.

One of the supposed victims was an ex-cop. There is usually a law enforcement/ military connection.

Thats all I got for now, stop back in for updates

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