Maps of Tartarian Empire; Independent Tartary, Chinese Tartary. By Sidney Morse

Tartaria was a real place on real maps, so it would seem, but dont forget the maps themselves are coming from the same people that script everything about history. I just mean dont fall into the trap that every Olde World building is Tartarian or that they were the center off this vast world-wide advanced civilization like Atlantis. It was featured on maps and for whatever reason was removed and then we had fake maps. The original maps were just as fake.

I would like to see his boundaries superimposed of a map of the Great Wall. It wasnt Chinese. Who knows how old it is, the Wall is a tourist trap set up like a movie set designed to look a certain way. The sections you see in magazines like Nat Geo are newer than the rest, probs a few hundred years.

Sidney Morse was a mapmaker picking up where his father left off in establishing imaginary names and boundaries of a Post-Reset world. His maps of Asia include the Tartarian Empire.

Sidney also followed in his fathers footsteps of using a religious front by publishing a Christian newspaper, The New York Observer. Media control isnt a new thing. It was installed, not hi-jacked.

Owning a religious based newspaper and being a map-maker is a perfect way to prop up a fake narrative to control the population. Here we see both talents put to work on the same project, a map of the Wandering Jews trek through the desert

Brother of Samuel Morse, most famous bc his name is attached to the telegraph and code bearing his name. Prolific painter of fake timeline historic events like the signing of the Declaration. The art spooks wrote the narrative with their imagery.

Son of Jedidiah, Important Reset figure established Missionary schools and USGS. The missionary schools were an intelligence network that propped up the fake westward expansion and wild savage Indian hoax. The “father of Geography” was the first to catalog the landscape; rivers, mountains, towns… This meant he made the first maps of the post-mudflood territory and could write in his own “Indian villages” and then send in his own trained spies pretending to be from the church.

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