Coconut Oil for Senior Pets (Feline Dementia)

As if things getting more difficult physically wasnt bad enough, now we have the mental aspect as well. Older animals just lose mental clarity more frequently now than they used to. The same is true with people and mental deterioration and the rise of alz heimers and stuff.

Modern ‘experts’ are baffled right? No way it could be the environment we are held down in, whatever they are putting in the air and water supply, processed foods and petroleum by-product based tablets and unjections. Nah, couldnt be that. Too many people would have to be in on it and I wouldve seen it on the news.

[note to self. post on pet food ingreds and transparency]

The situation for cats was even given its own name. Feline Dementia. Causes and cures are unknown, they try to spin it like every old animal gets dementia, even people, its natural and a part of life. thats some bullshit. Its environmental; food additives, heavy metals in the atmosphere, frequency radiation from tech devices…

Coco oil has been shown in reports to perform better than diazapam at treating stress.

There are psychoactive pharmaceuticals to treat feline dementia, many of them are human drugs they just give to pets to try and improve quality of life.

Mental stimulation seems to be rather effective so spend as much time as you can playing with your pet

coco oil has been shown to slow down and even reverse progression in alzhiemer patients, here is the technical jargon if you want. It all goes back to Lauric acid and antioxidents

The symptoms of dementia are the same as cats in pain. I kinda feel bad now all the times i called him an old man for displaying behavior was really bc parasites were hurting his feet. As the pain level increased so did the behavior. Keep an eye out for sudden changes in behavior, its a pretty universal communication. His posture was haunched over and protected legs, he was hiding and changing resting spots every few days. mainly you could tell by body language, ears lay back, eyes dialated, wouldnt let anyone touch him but hes a terrible lap cat normally… it goes on, only you will be able to tell somethings up. I was lucky it was only a bad cases of sand fleas, these symptoms also fit dementia


CBD, the cannabis derivitive would be good to use as well for all the same reasons with older cats. Its beneficial for everything between appetite and mobility discomfort to anxiety and dementia progression.


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