Coconut Oil for Senior Pets

Another positive benefit of oil is in the treatment of arthritis. My boy is getting old, hes 17 people years, in kitty years that would make him like 97. giving an older cat a coconut oil bath will help with painful mobility problems they might be experiencing. Its probs best to use virgin oil as opposed to refined kind with the good shit processed out of it (see also: processed honey). So far they’ve been saying that the whole time but I have only used the refined kind and there has been a noticeable improvement. Not only is it generally accepted but has been medically proven to be more effective for treating arthritis then pharmaceuticals.

Big Pharm launched the original smear campaign against coconut oil bc it is a saturated fat. The whole saturated fats operation was pushed by the Medical Industrial Complex as a scapegoat. kill two birds with one stone, blame something that actually works and is found in nature and two, provide a cover which harmful agents can hide behind, mainly sugar. This isnt a post about how the sugar industry threw saturated fats under the bus but it is worth investigating on your own… Also related to how the cancer industry hides everything behind smoking, making tobacco public enemy no.1 tp prevent people from snooping around other projects. It seems now the tobacco industry is being blamed for withholding information from the cancer doctors but this is bullshit, just like how tobacco took the fall for cancer sources, the act of the deception has been thrown on top also, as if this deception was a fluke instead of the standard operating procedure that it really is. All the debate centered on coconut oil and health comes from the medical world, the American Heart Association, American Cancer Association… Any entity that starts and ends with those words are not who they say and only serve to further their common goals.

Arthritis is a another umbrella term used to describe any of the 100+ conditions that cause joint discomfort. Animals feel it too, it gets harder to climb those trees and jump fences or play fetch all day as they get older. Coco oil has a direct impact on inflammation sites by promoting blood circulation to target areas.

Lauric acid is responsible as well, here is some technical stuff if you want. Lauric is easy to remember because the name Laura is close to me, so i just associate the two. I used it to treat some negative comments on reddit that said coco oil is not special against fleas, this lauric presence proves yes, it is. The comment was made by a vet which farther supports my position that pet med care is no dif than human models and a university certified practioner did nor even know of its existance bc they are only sales reps for drug pushers that only parrot what they are told by their handlers at pfizer or Bayer.

Oil can be taken internally as well as a full body massage by mixing a spoonful in their food at meal times. This will help cartilage regeneration and stop bone-loss. Its like giving your joints a squirt of WD-40


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