St Marys School for Deaf

St Mary’s School for the Deaf 

What would a strictly Oralist school would want with a statue of the direct opposition Manualist father I don’t know. Oh, unless it’s the statue is a fictitious historical icon and the school is really a front for military intelligence, then it would make perfect sense 

St Mary’s Deaf and Dumb Institute timed its opening to coincide with the 1901 International Expo that was in town at that time. The American Instructors of the Deaf held their sixteenth triannual convention there, presided over by Tommy Gallaudet Jr. Notice how all these groups and institutions are all the same except one or two syllables will be swapped, and who the hell holds a 16th triannual event for anything? That just sounds made up. Even better was in 1930 St Mary’s held the third World Congress for Deaf Educators. Up to 3,000 people from around the world showed up and this was the setting for Hannon’s Epee bronze unveiling. This school and all the ones like it had three parts: They had teacher instructions, teaching teachers how to teach. 2. they were command centers for intelligence operations, like training, recruitment, and debriefing. And 3., They were vocational training centers for the genuinely deaf blind and dumb. Sure, they did actual service work, right? window dressing, for tax purposes, lol. Maybe not, I’m sure even in the vo-tech centers were spook academies.  

Make note of this, this is important and will probly resurface. In 1976-78 the Kellog Institute of Battle Creek MI created the Special Schools for the Future project out of Gallaudet U. (Kellog has a convention center at the university) St Mary’s was selected as one of the six units to participate as demonstration and outreach center. The project ended in 1989. No, it didn’t, it never ends, just changes names. Kellog was a eugenicist with connections to the Tuskegee Program and birth control experiments, trust me, you don’t want this guy to be a part of the special future of anything but more about him later. 

  • *See Also: Eugene Hannan, deaf at age 2 due to scarlet fever. sculptor whose other works include Slyvia Yale, Bushnell, Eli Whitney, Charles Goodyear, and Rodger Ludlowe. Graduated Gallaudet College and Corcoran Art, Art school of Chicago, and Art Students League of NY (The one owned by JP Morgan that was always in the paper being harassed by Comstock… who was also funded by Morgan.) Says he was selected from an international pool of potentials to sculpt the Epee bronze. 
  •  Mckinnly assassination at the 1901 Pan-Am Expo 

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