Coconut oil for Pets: Aroma Therapy

Yes it works, its part of the experience. One of the first things I noticed was how receptive he was. The fleas took a minute or two to die and he was still recovering from a bath but when I put the oil on him he was very welcoming and even thankful, not only did it provide instant relief on skin contact but also, as I read later, coco oil is well known for its de-stressing aromatherapy properties. Even humans are encouraged to put a spoonfull in the bathtub.

Later I found out the oil is prized for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety due to its therapeutic aroma. I noticed this had a slight effect on myself as well. It was an intense moment between me and the cat and the moment the smell hit our noses there was a change in body language on both our parts; he quit struggling so much and I was gentler.

I notice this same effect everytime I apply it now, puss does too, as soon as he smells it he relaxes. Never one time has he struggled against the smell or feel of coconut oil


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