How to Make a Bookmark File Public

Theres only a few suggestions when you do a keyword search on how to share bookmark files, each site parrots the other, none of which are really helpful, at least for me. So I found my own way and wanted to share in case you have this problem one day. The answer is shit-simple. Open a free wordpress site, I guess any of the free website providers will work but I only have used WordPress. Go into the bookmarks page, the page, not the dropdown menu. The 3 dots in the top right corner have an ‘export’ option. Export all bookmarks to the computer itself. Open the new bookmarks file in the ‘recently downloaded’ page, this will pull up your list of every single bookmarked link organized by folder. Simply highlight and copy the links you want to make public and go to your free webpage and paste. This will transfer a list of active links you can annotate and now the bookmark list will have a link all by itself which you can share just like any ordinary link. Out of all the methods featured on the bullshit tech sites this is the only one I could get to work, it took me half a Saturday to figure out how to make my list available for everyone. Now you know how.


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