Conspiracy Theorist Task Force

NYTimes, ADL, and Jewish Democratic Counsil join forces to target critical thinking

The latest contribution from the pseudo-journalist spooks down at the NYTimes have made toward the goal of making a pre-crime/ thought-police unit a dystopian reality was published just yesterday. Readers are encouraged to tattle on family members, neighbors, and even themselves if they

“…believe or once believed in a conspiracy theory, were part of the QAnon movement or joined an online community that shared misinformation… ” to “…help us understand conspiracy theories in the United States and how they spread and find new members.” 

The typical info is requested like name, email, location, and name of that special theorist in your life. A little more depth is requested like the description of theory, what was the influence of the internet, and how did this experience change your relationship? Thats a big part of where this is headed, how to censor information the most efficiently online

Another segment of the tattle-tale form inquires if the Theorist has reconsidered their position what led to the reconsideration? This is amusing bc once a person that snaps out of their state induced coma and sees the world for what it truly is there aint no going back. This is well understood by the spooks down at the Times.

Using 9-11 as an example there is not a single person in history that once realizes Building 7 was a textbook controlled demolition that Lucky Larry admitted “the decision was made to pull it” they never wake up one morning and say ‘You know, it makes perfect sense that 2 planes brought down 3 buildings, what was I thinking?’ It doesnt work like that. once you are awake no amount of fluoride in the water will make you go back. Once you are aware of the sleight of hand the magician loses power, which is what is happening right now. Anybody that tries this reversal is motivated, either by bribes or threats it doesn’t matter, they are lying.

The last segment on the tattle form is probs the most concerning bc of its open ended vaguity. “Anything else we should know?” This speaks for itself, any person can say anything about anyone. Its concerning because there is no definition of what is or is not a theory. It seems the obvious answer is anybody that questions the script about anything. You can’t even ask.

All independent thinkers are labeled far-right extremists, racists, radicalists… and now, if the Antidefamation League has its way, the new label will be domestic terrorist. Remember there is no definition of what that means, so who has authority on what is free speech, what is an innocent question? Where is the line?

Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act

The Jewish Democratic Council of America released a statement on May 11th that they “sent hundreds of activists to virtually lobby Democratic lawmakers on a range of issues, including antisemitism, voting rights and abortion access.” OK so thats bullshit, can you think of a more non-intrusive or threatening type of lobbying? By lobby i mean bribe, beg, lie, false promise… Voting is a scam that needs all the help it can get right now and abortion access is just a regurgitated subject in the media to distract and divide and a point of focus, it’ll never go away. Its always antisemitism with these people. An entire industry revolves around antisemitism. Its so profitable for them they continuously pull off a string of false flag shooter events like this just to make sure it stays that way.

Heres a quote from the article:

“Under the antisemitism umbrella, the group plans to urge passage of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, which has stalled in the House due to opposition from both Republicans and far-left Democrats… increase funding to $360 million and press legislators on backing social media regulation to combat extremism and improve transparency...

“… the group is not set to meet with any of the Democrats currently holding up the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, but said that the group suggested that activists emphasize that the legislation would not target Muslims, as some opponents have claimed.”

Umm, so why wouldn’t the lobby activists not set a meeting with the group of people holding up their mission? They are putting it right out there, they are not targeting our Muslim brothers bc they are targeting white truth researchers.

They’re not targeting Muslims

ADL are the extremist terrorists

Im not even white, or a conspiracy theorist, Im just not PC conditioned to the point I believe anything they say. Take a look at their post titles on their home site. Every one is about kill whitey. White people should speak up more before these radical ethnic supremists tke yall out, js

The day of the Buffalo psy-op the ADL released a prerecorded generic statement they had sitting on a shelf blaming not only white supremacists but conspiracy theorists are as well, using the Replacement Theory to remove any distinction. Keep your eye on that phrase as its a bridge to connect the two. That link directs you to the ADL explaination, they probly have the best explanation bc they are the ones that came up with it and push it and will continue to push it.

The amount of money the ADL has swindled from tax payers is astonishing. Even if the numbers provided were in any way believable that would be alarming however since they just lie about everything and you cant trust a word or number that comes out their lying mouths you can bet the dollar amount is wayyy more. They are self validating, self investigating and everyone is afraid to call their bullshit bc they manipulate the media and blackmail politicians. Fuck that. Every incident they use to strongarm more money is their own work. every mss shooting white supremeist is either cryptojew or under psychotropic medications prescribed by jewish supremist handlers. Fuck em. Im just tired off writing this article bc nobody will ever read it anyway except the adl nazi gangster jews. Ill expect an IRS audit or something in reply, bc thats how they operate. its ok though, taxes are voluntary. I quit paying when I found out isreal steals how many millions of dollars from US taxpayers, not even just that. America has to borrow money from the jewish federal reserve just to give to isreal which then it must pay interest on, by America i mean US taxpayers.

Did i mention the adl self promotes and determines the amount of money it can get their grubby little hands on determines the amount of antisemitism there is hiding behind every single white person. This results in an increase of stolen funds, which results in an even more increase of found antisemitism and the cycle repeats itself. This is the model the Adl developed as part of its war on the goyim. They want to make it a crime for real journalist to say it, in fact they want to make it a new domestic terrorism law, I bet they would be the ones to determine what is the definition of free speech too. Maybe it would come from the lips of a blackmailed or crypto jew politician, but it will be the terrorists handlers at the antidefamation league that are pushing it. Just like they are the ones that write all these faux white racist mass shooter manifestos that lucky for the adl rant about the exact topics necessary to drum up some donor support.

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