Psychedelic Industrial Complex

M.A.P.S. Commercial Research Entity

Abstract: Psychedelic research through MAPS is funded by Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Soros, Rockefellers, Bill and Melinda Gates, Qualcomm, and Warner Bro’s. In addition to Wall St, Big Pharm, and Military Intelligence we see a high number of Big Biz, Big Tech, Silicon (silly con) Valley entities. Majority of upper mid-range donors label themselves as entrepreneurs, advisors, venturists… These people have no real skill set and rely on modern aristocratic bloodlines. Their primary goal is to protect the status quo power structure by having a population of people chronically ill, distracted, confused, medicated and docile. The commercial entities use results to better manipulate the consumer. The underbelly of the Intel world has always hidden behind art. Authors are cover-story agents.

MAPS is top of an umbrella industry. They determine how much money goes to what kind of research. They are a nonprofit, a 501(c)3 company. So the thing about nonprofits is they dont pay taxes and therefore serve as a money laundering operation. Donors give money to a nonprofit org tax free, whereas if they spent it at a commercial enterprise it would be.

How it works is corporations and private investors give their money to MAPS, which delegate who gets what and allocate funds to researchers, who only research what serves the commercial interests that fund them. Much of it goes to the Feds. payoffs and bribes in the form of permits and fees. They call it lobbying. A fractal company writes up whatever results they are paid to find and delivers the report back to MAPS.

The Medical Industrial Complex is finally admitting the potential benefits for mental health. Addiction is becoming seen more and more as a medical problem instead of a moral problem and since the fake ‘war on drugs’ cant hide anymore the tactic has become ‘If you cant beat ’em join ’em.’ This is Big Pharm and the Medical Industrial Complex, the Feds are just another organized crime org. The FDA are their enforcers, they pretend to be a regulatory body for the protection and safety of the population but they are symbiotic parasites. More about about how the FDA and Big Pharm are in bed together later.

There are patent rights worth fortunes. Enter Wall Street. Banksters have always had a special interest here since Wasson brought you Magic Mushrooms on the cover of TIME magazine. Wasson was on the Council of Foreign Relations committee as well as VP at JP Morgan. TIME is run by the Intelligence world. The front-page shout out was an advertisement. The relationship between Wasson and Intel has been covered up by media, the lie is that the former was unaware of the CIA involvement. He was.

Listen to this: mushrooms aren’t considered plants or animals, therefore they arent subject to GMO safety testing. It’s a loophole to bypass health regulations and gene editing is huge patent money. This explains the high concentration of biotech company donors. The focus in the media is on food, mushrooms that dont brown, that’s a distraction, its about the mind altering hallucinogens, it always is, always has been.

People are coming to the conclusion more and more that our govt is more of a corporatocracy. Companies are given rights of people. That means they have special privacy not subject to the freedom of information act called ‘trade secrets‘. Laws are created which benefit business over people. Big Business and Capitol Hill are the same. Or at least work together to achieve the same end, however you want it. Trade secrets mean the companies can pick up the research and dont have to tell anybody. Their mission is to consumerize you to soul-death. Thats why you see companies like Amazon funding psychedelic research. It’s job is to keep you as distracted as possible. They do not want a population of well people. Keep you medicated keep you sick. Dependent. This is psychological warfare. Not everyone appreciates the meaning of those words, or doesnt understand what that means. Thats part of it though huh.

Psychedelic research came to a screeching halt when they got schedule 1ed. This cut off all funding at Universities which today is everything in modern science. You can ‘prove’ anything you want from scientist whores if you can fund the research. We are told all the records of the original research were destroyed by CIA except for a few heavily redacted MK Ultra pages. Whether they were or not is besides the point. This has just been the status of psychedelics and research for the past half century. The Feds have to walk a straight line here due to the negative history and policies that have been in place for half a century.

The whole population suffers from post-traumatic stress over the social engineering experiments and psychological warfare being waged on them, psychedelics are a heavy duty tool. As a way to appear trustworthy in the eye of the public all financial records are laid out for everyone to see, they call it transparency. Donation and expenditure amounts. The numbers are all bullshit I’m sure but we can use it as a gauge, to see both the donation and the source. They kept the courtesy up for several years in fact going all the way back to 1998, no surprize the last entry is over 2 years old. Dont want those post-covid numbers to see daylight huh guys?

MAPS Capstone Campaign

…With the successful completion of raising $30 million in donations for the Capstone Campaign, MAPS achieved a pivotal milestone in funding projected expenses for completing the research necessary to request FDA approval and subsequent approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Health Canada… to make MDMA a medicine. 

Capstone Campaign? really? cant be anymore obvious than that, well maybe if it was an even 33 mil donation, “Better kept it at 30 and maybe they wont notice”. For those with an interest in the numbers the C.C. is your 33. The CC is an initiative to raise funds for first ever psychedelic mental health treatment approved by the FDA. Other fractal alphabet groups like the Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative are mentioned but PSFC doesn’t even have its own website, thats how serious about it they are, able to raise 30 mil but cant get a web designer, hows that work? Oh I guess it helps when all the board members are the same in every org.

As if things weren’t sketchy enough they have to throw in there the participation of Israel. That sure makes me feel better. Canada did all the ‘research’ for the mk-ultra project. I use quotations bc i wouldnt feel comfortable calling it research. Canada did all the shit-work for the CIA. In america the only human experiments really talked about were done by the CIA on themselves, causing the one poor ol boy to jump out his window (wink) some Tim Leary fake-ass prison experiments and some college campus fuckery. (The participants were being trained, not tortured.) The real body of experiments were done in Canada. The insane asylums and residential orphanages. Keep in mind all the mass graves they have been finding at these places as evidence. This way the US gov has plausible deniability, Canada just sold out her people for a few dollars and some political promotions. We can get into that another time, for now its enough to see they are still on the front page.

They are at phase 3 currently, which explains why the highest amount of donations coming from banksters. They know how close the FDA is to clearing the new medication which means their investment is about to pay off.

Burning Man, Zendo Project and MAPS

Another big hoopla in the Psychedelic Industrial Complex is called the ZENDO project. Zendo works with volunteers at Burning man in harm reduction, to help people having a bad trip. You can sign up right on their website to volunteer. Sure a few normie volunteers make it in but these aren’t regular volunteers, most would be agents conducting field research. Burning Man is a Military Intelligence event, the people working there know that, most of them anyway. I like the way they are called volunteers, its not bc they are doing it for the experience and free entry, it’s more legalese spellcraft. we are given a heads up here:

In support of Burning Man’s Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Initiative (R.I.D.E), the Zendo Project is collecting data on identity factors from Zendo Project volunteer applicants, with the intention to increase diversity among Zendo Project volunteers and support all efforts for a more equitable Black Rock City. We will have more announcements about these efforts as we get closer to the event…

This is telling you they are data mining your shit. “collecting data on identity factors… on applicants” GTFOH. It’s not even from the volunteers that get ‘selected’, all you have to do is apply and they have control of all your identity information. It doesnt even say what kind of information they are hijacking. All in the name of political correctness. Normies can use it for virtue signaling to allow id theft.

All volunteers are required to upload a profile photo with their application.While we love fun photos of you at festivals or getting wacky at parties, we want to see your eyes and face so that we can either remember you from our past events or recognize you when we meet for the first time.

This is probs the funniest thing yet, as if nobody ever heard of facial recognition. Right after you agree to let them have all your personal data too. Just so they can recognize you when you first meet. LOL, yep. Maybe they figure the applicants will be so burnt out and fucked up they wont notice.

MAPS Donation List

Finally we get to the good stuff. After all the meaningless pie charts and account balancing MAPS actually has a list of donars, you can see who gave and how much. To kick things off lets start with the big spender. There is only one name in the 5 mil+ column.

Steven and Alexander Cohen foundation. These guys started a hedge fund and insider trading scam decades ago. personal asset management they call it. According to them they have donated 18 mil to psychedelic research, aces and eights all day. Ministry of Truth even tells you S.A.C. was indicted by the dept of justice and the firm itself pleaded guilty to insider trading. They were fined 1.2 bil. in a mock court case, none of these fines mean anything, for an example, they were featured on 60 Mins segment which highlighted a case brought against SAC by a Big Pharm company Biovail, which accused them of tampering with stock prices. eventually the case was thrown out by NJ supreme court. SAC then filed a counter-suit against Biovail for filing a ‘vexatious’ claim. The case was settled ‘out of court’ so Big Pharm ended up paying Cohen 10 mil for even bringing the charges in the first place. Just the way it was designed from the beginning and the case aired on 60 mins to give it national attn, make sure everyone knows and is paying attn to what seems an obvious case between Wall St and Big Pharm but then it reverses itself and not only does the banksters get away with it, Big Pharm has to pay the bankster 10 million dollars for tarnishing his good name. The average person sees this and is conditioned to accept it and thinks ‘if they cant do it I sure cant do it.’ Thats the reason it is mentioned on wiki. Wiki is just carrying the message from 60 mins. ‘If they can’t do it what chance do i have.’ Given his relationship with Big Pharm he probably owns some of the stock of the company about to be given an MDMA approval by the FDA. Or maybe some patent rights. He problaby owned stocks in Biovail, which means he filed fake lawsuits to sue and pay himself just to scare off real threats. Thats the big payday. Not freedom of choice or harm reduction. SAC has been actively working to reform FDA policy for at least a decade already. Why else would one of these people pay 18 million for anything?

Banksters fund Psychological Warfare

Its not surprizing a Cohen is leading the way. Cohen is an old bloodline. This is similar to Warburg funding the ‘discovery’ of LSD. Spook agent Hoffman comes from a generational intelligence family as well and was given celebrity status but Sandoz was a Warburg hospital and they were trying to find a chemical pill to induce shell-shock of WW1. Hoffmans fairy tale bicycle ride was the best thing the scriptwriters could come up with to make the new weapon appear as harmless as possible. Here we see another international bankster family providing the means for this, what amounts to a powerful weapon in the current psychological warfare being waged right now.

Morgan got in on it too with Gordon Wasson and the CIA when they featured mushrooms on the cover of TIME spook rag. History tries to whitewash Wasson by saying he was unaware of the CIAs role but thats crazy talk. Of course they all knew. Just like they do now.

1,000,000-4,999,999 range:

Blake Mycoskie– founder of Toms Shoes. the idea that if you buy a pair of his shoes he will donate one to a poor country. Hes one of the fake guru’s. The Toms idea came only after his failed job as stock trader during the 08 crisis, or maybe it wasnt failed, probs it was an early retirement. He was also on Amazing Race and sold billboard signage for the music industry. Also a writer for Business Edition. Recently he sold half his TOM Shoes to another banker firm Bain Capital, love the play on words, they mean bane, as in cause of ruin or death. Blake admits to teaming up with black ops military to ‘make the world a better place’.

Elizabeth Koch– the name should explain it all. Daughter of multi billionaire bankster Charles Koch.

George Sarlo- hungarian jew turned venture capitalist. uses victimization of holocaust card. bankster

James Bailey-Harvard grad, founder of Velos a consumer growth capital firm. Bankster

John A. Griffin- founder Blue Ridge Capital Management, stock market bankster, teacher at Columbia U. The last name should be the first clue

John Gilmore– early pioneer in cryptography, developed password decryption. Funded by the NSA. (military intelligence posing as computer nerd.) Successfully sued the Dept of Justice and FAA. Lost a lawsuit challenging authorities to demand id at airports to fly nationally. Gilmore’s position was against secret laws on travel restriction however court transcripts were never released. All these lawsuits are scripted. The fake loss green lighted the govs unconstitutional policy of demanding id for national flights, the court wins was a way to transfer money to the agents bank acct. Vice-chair board of MAPS. Self-promoting. Silicon Valley (silly con) Big Tech.

Peter Rahal- front man for the RxBar, protein nutrition bar. Currently there is a lawsuit against them for false advertising healthy ingredients. fairy tale version is he made up the powerbar in his mamas kitchen for 10k and turned around to sell to Kellogs for 600 mil. sorry but real life doesnt work that way.

Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative– Prez and founder Joe Green also happens to be on the board of director of MAPS. PSFC is a tentacle of maps. the Multidisciplinary part means there are many side projects. He funds himself and can hide behind the front company. Also founded Or Halev, a Jewish retreat. Co-founder Graham Boyd stands with Big Pharm and the FDA, promotes drug war and racism thru the ACLU. Zendo project specialist

Tim Ferriss- Fake guru. graduated from spook homebase Princeton U. Promoted by CNN, NYTimes and Forbes. Funded John Hopkins psychedelic research. wrote books on how-to-get-rich-quick schemes (scams)

$500,000 – 999,999 range:

Cody Swift and Miriam Volat, RiverStyx Foundation- Cody and Miriam are on the board of MAPS. self-validating, self funding

David Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps- member of MAPS board. donates to himself, eco-friendly, new-agey front consumerist holocaust victim card

Frank and Susan Kavanaugh– Big Biz, Military Industrial Complex

$100,000 – $499,999

Adam Wiggins– Big Tech, Silicon (silly con) Valley

Alex and Rachel Lloyd- pseudo energy healer, NYTimes best seller

John and Gwen Smart Foundation– jewsih philanthropist, esquire mag director. No data avail. for foundation,

Joseph Kert Green– This is Joe Green again, founder of PSFC and on the board of MAPS. Harvard alumni, worked with zuckerburg. How many accounts does this guy have?

Julie and Jeff Brody– Venture capitalist jewish do nothing

Justin Rosenstein– silly con valley

Mike Novogratz– bitcoin investor, prowrestler

The Libra Foundation– multiple executives harvard and yale grads. Fake social justice front to fund spook projects

Vinny Smith– Big Biz/Big Tech billionaire

$50,000 – $99,999

Inkinen Family DAF- No Data available

Open Society Foundations (OSF)– Goerge Soros org. Need I say anymore?


Google, Inc.- obvious

Jeffrey Kwatinetz– Hollywood jew, partners with Ice Cube to make Straight outta compton

RiverStyxFoundation- helped fund Zendo Project. Mythological river of hate in hell

Ron Beller– Goldman-Sachs partner, bankster

Threshold Foundation– financial/social investors self funding

$10,000 – $24,999

AmazonSmile Foundation

Andrew Weil– Harvard Med, vitamin quack

Anne St Goar and Shippen Page– Harvard law, wedding announcement in NYTimes

Aubrey Marcus– holistic quack, NYTimes best seller

Audra Foster– naturopathic quack

Chris Ergen– fake satalite ‘expert’, art spook

Claudine Liss– jewess psychologist quack

Connor Hill-fake guru

Courtney Hull– ‘wealth advisor associate’

Daniel McMurtrie– real estate mogul (slumlord)

David Adam Roth– Dean of Arts and Sciences college

Eldona Hamel– no data, possibly the art spook, bronze sculpter

Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation– helps other foundations distribute grants for fake history/science. medical industrial complex

George Wiel- silk and art supplies merchant. quite often you will find multiple persons under the same name. The thing is alot of times the other people have red flags of their own which indicates there is some fuckery afoot. Do they just pick a name already in circulation? or have been told what name to use? who knows but in this instance the other Weil went to Harvard, Columbia, and joined the atomic energy commission.

Gil Penchina– investor, adviser, entrepreneur

Joshua Mailman Foundation, Inc.- 501(c)3. Funds Planned Parenthood. social justice and climate change. Big Pharm and aids drugs. generational

Kirsten Waerstad= web design for 501c3’s. E-art for Big Tech. pharmacist

Kwang Ho Kim– this guy is on the Harvard Brain Science Initiative. this guy is lierally an evil mad scientist

Madeleine and Lyndon Rive- cousins to Elon Musk.Green energy

Madeline Farver Berky– fitness guru, founded a recovery based fitness program.

Maeve Rockefeller- squeaky clean

Matt Khoury– trained at Harvard school of public health. mental health provider for Troubled Teen Industry

Max Kerr- no data available

Moshe Tov Kreps– artist, orchestra, film devout jew

Ramez Naam– transhumanist author, silly con valley

Rockefeller Family Fund- more rockefellers

Ryan Zurrer– venture capitalist entrepreneur, investor, art spook

Samwell Freeman– art spook, performer

Scott Faber- Georgetown U Law (jesuit), Media spokesman for environmental issues. GMO’s, nutrition label. testifies to congress about farm legislation.

The Lopker Family Foundation and QAD– silly con valley

The TinMan Fund– This one made me chuckle. tin man is a front. a thin hollow look-a-like. one of the layers to Wizard of Oz interpretation says T.I.N. stands for Tax Id Number. mockingly relevant to a money laundering scam. The tinman fund webpage says their mission is to seek out and obtain organs for child transplants. The Wyche (witch) baby died bc he couldnt find a heart so a fund started by Pemberton. The over-the-top drama is part of the mockery. I have come across the family name before, look for the Pemberton Mill collapse.

Tom Latchford– entrepreneur, venture capitalist

$1,000 – $9,999

Adam Goetsch– Theres about 7 dif spooks from various fields that are potentials

Adam Hupp– Patent owner for social media content filters. he’s a fucking censor. He calls it ‘software development’

Aerin Lim– Director of Investor Relations. gives away other peoples money. Do-nothing

Alan Bader- No data available

Alan Feiger– psychiatric quack

Alison Whitmire– fake guru. self help/life coach

Amy Pico– psychotherapy quack. ‘Ancient and holistic healing’

Andrej Cvoro– Blockchain/ Crypto Big Tech

Andrew Kirk Gradison– Congressional staff

Andrew Koraleski– freelance writer from the Arts Institute

Andrew Ryan– jester

Andrew Wiggins– antivaxxer plays for Golden State Warriors NBA team

Ankush Gera– founded video game company w other peoples money

Ann Parrish– several potentials, most likely the events coordinator

Anne Kate Becker– probably the science teacher an ‘independent research contractor’

Anne Kiehl Friedman

Apple, Inc.

Ariel Poler

Arthur Corey Sarkisian

Ashley Gordon

Bailey Gimbel

Barden Family Giving

Benjamin Halper

Bessel A. Van Der Kolk– Best-selling trauma research author

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation– Thought she divorced him over his close relationship with Epstein? The IMBd page suggests it was all an act.

Bill Freimuth– Grammy prime mover

Billie-Grace Ward– Lesbian, Big Tech, Pharm. Noted photographer, E-art

Brandon Law– Do-nothing business marketer

Brandyn Schwalm– Fake self-help guru. Real estate spook

Brian J. Smith Giving Fund– Either the world authority in healthcare real estate development (whatever tf that means), He seems more likely than the actor that played Alex in the Clockwork Orange and tv series Stargate. the ‘giving fund’ isn’t listed.

Brooke Stone– started a Life Management firm in NYC

Brookstein Family Philanthropic Fund

Bruce Linton– Do-nothing fundraiser for Marijuana Industrial Complex

Buckmaster Foundation– silly con valley. ceo of craigslist

Caleb Whitten

Cameron Cheever

Candra Docherty

Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley (CBCB)- First dispensary in Cali. Extension of counterculture movement of the 60’s

Carla R. Lilley– family owned canna shop. At least Bing admits to editing search results

Carly Taylor– Several potentials. possibly the art mag editor at Stanford. Maybe the vegan activist. There is also the children’s book author and a professional women’s bull rider.

Carol and Wally Marks– Hypnotherapist quack and Big Tech social justice activist jews

Carolyn Ferris– Professional on the Psychic Hotline, $6.99 min, or opened art studio in Cali. Corporate logo sigils. friends of Leary

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld– Artist, author

Cartograph LLC– do-nothing company sells other peoples goods on Amazon. Note the play on words, cartography is map making.

Cesar Caro Aguilar– In a cannabis cultivation business called 12/12 Genetics. Its a play on words, they are talking about the long game eugenics. Hoffman listed as fellow officer. Hoffman has been a big name in the military intelligence drug induced psychological warfare since Albert Hoffman took the fairy tale fiction bicycle ride. Then there were the Hoffman chicago fake counter culture guru and the judge presiding his mock trial.

Chad Hollingsworth= Entertainment Industrial Complex

Charles Arch Winn– bankruptcy lawyer

Chelsea Monter

Chris and Dana Jenks

Christian Saenger

Claudia Marseille

Clifford Perlman

Cody L. Stone

Cody Stross

Colin Wilson

Craig Comstock

Curtis Stone

Cynthia Whitham

Daren Nordhagen

Darren Fortunato

David and Deborah Nabozny

David and Karen Branson

David Armistead

David Moore

David Nuss

Dawn McCollough

Dieter Ramaekers and Susan Kavanagh

Dr. Diva Nagula

Duncan Smith

Ed Hunsinger

Eli Dickinson and Kat Zambon

Elizabeth Boswell

Emily Maier

Emily Roy

Eric and Wendy Braun

Eric Gorski

Erik Bouchard

Ethan Ruby

Ettinger Foundation

Eva and Brendan Dillon

Eve and Stephen Milstein

Frank Kienast

Fred and Kate Weber

Frederick Schilling

Fredi Mueller

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski

Garrett Greenburg

Gerry Ohrstrom

Giancarlo Canavesio

Ginger and Brad Coy

Grant Leonard

Green Canoe Foundation

Greg Lewis

Greg Logan

Hanxi Jiang

Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund

Hawley Family Foundation

Hess Moallem

Highfield Foundation

Hilary Silver

Holly Turner

Hugo Barra

Ian Dominguez

Iiro Jalava

Jack Swain and Natalie Wolff

Jackee Stang

Jacob Sablosky

Jade Netanya Ullmann Jewish art colony, member of Threshold Foundation, staff member MAPS

Jake Sandler

James D. Northrup– Scrubbed clean. What else would you expect from a secret war machine manufacturing family.

James Lamberg

James Stewart Campbell

Jason Tan

Dr. Jeff Crawford

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Gordon

Jeffrey Guss

Jeffrey St Claire

Jennifer Abele

Jennifer Allen and John Hain

Jenny Mason

Jerry Greenfield

Jiri Techet

Jo Ann Uttal-Gold and Jeffrey Gold

Joe Polish

Joel Zadak

John and Barbara Crary

John and Carole Garand

John Larkin

John O’Hara

John Renesch

Jonathan Feyer

Jonathan Koch

Jonathan Sanders

Jonathan Willbanks

Jordan Swartz

Joshua Dirlam

Joshua Geller

Karl Richard

Keith McCoy

Keith Ubben

Kenneth Ryan

Kent Hoffman

Kent Tomaselli

Kramer Foundation

Laney and Pasha Thornton

Latané Temple Keeler

Leigh Marz and Michael Ziegler

Leila Chan Currie

Leonard and Vivian Lehmann

Lisa M. Schokking

Lisa Waugh

Livingry Foundation

Dr. Lynne and M. John Richard

Mack Fuhrer

Madalyn McElwain

Manick Bhan

Mario Bonilla

Mark McDonald

Mark McNary

Mark S. Smith

Martha Stampfer

Martin Brown

Martin M. Smith

Mary Mahood

Marya Hecht


MentorMore Foundation

Merrily Wyman

Michael and Anita Siegal Family Foundation

Michael Cazayoux

Michael McPhee

Michael Pollack, SCA Charitable Foundation

Michael Pollan and Judith Belzer

Michael Stone


Mr. and Mrs. James Minarik

Mr. Noah G. Levy

Ms. Nancy G. Schaub


Natalie Slect

Natalka Burian

Nathan Markovich

Neal Marshall Goldsmith


Nicholas Newman

Ocean Labs

Ophir Marish

Oskar Demmer

Pamela and Don Lichty

Pamela Fortino

Pamela S. Lewis

Patricia Ahumada and Tip Paul

Patricia and Richard Simon

Patricia Phillips

Patrick Smith

Payam Panbechi

Pearl Baker-Katz

Peter Brock

Peter Taubkin

Phil Olson

Philip and Yvette Rosedale

Philip Jensen

Pittman Family Office

Qualcomm Matching Grant Program

Rachel Hamilton

Randee Smith

Robert and Nancy Ley

Robert Anton Patterson

Robert Gansser

Robert Tod Chubrich

Roger Mason

Roland and Elizabeth Gibson

Roland Wiederaenders

Roll Safe in partnership with Elevation Chemicals

Roman Stalder

Ronald A. Mis

Rose Valle

Sandeep Sood

Sarah Renee Ayala

Sarena Snider

Sean Cleary

Sean McAllister

Shibani Malhotra

Shwartz Family Foundation

Solli Ball Family Fund

Soltara Healing Center

Spencer Dunn


Stefanie Frank

Stephen Skiano

Steve Gehrman

Steve Lloyd Bollinger

Steve Verdone

Steve Zenone

Steven Charles Schlansker

Steven Weinstein and Marcia Meislin

Sunil Verma

Suzy Batiz

Terry L. Turner

The Betsy Gordon Foundation– 501(c)3 org. funds multiple psychedelic projects

The Chan Currie Philanthropic Fund

The Future Fund of Horizons Foundation

Thomas Terry– Founder of Humble Beast, record label and art spook

Tim Rigg– Big Tech security

Todd Bureau

Tom Lee– Either the cyrpto promoting financial advisor or the puppet master showman

Tom Woods

Tomas Lorsch

Tyler Borland

Tyler Norris– social entrepreneur do-nothing

Tyler Theofilos


Vijay Chattha

Vincent Franze

Vishal Gurbuxani

Whitcomb Schrage Family

Wilhelm Family Fund

William Danna

William O’Laughlin

William Phipps Mcgrail

Yanik Silver-visionary entrepreneur

Yvonne Read– real estate agent w money laundering Family Inc.

Zane Groves– Marijuana delivery boy, stabbed to death over bag of mushrooms


  1. 21,042,854 views Nov 19, 2022
    Bob Dylan fooled the world for decades claiming to have written many of the melodies to his hit songs when in fact most of the melodies were from preexisting songs that he did not write, including Blowin In The Wind.
    In a last nail in the coffin scenario James Damiano’s movie “Eleven Years” draws the straw that breaks the camel’s back, rivets Bob Dylan to his secret past of plagiarism and rewrites musical history” ……Virtue Films
    No artist can lay claim to the controversy that has surrounded the career of songwriter James Damiano. Thirty-two years ago, James Damiano began an odyssey that led him into a legal maelstrom with Bob Dylan that, to this day, fascinates the greatest of intellectual minds.
    Since auditioning for the legendary CBS Record producer John Hammond, Sr., who influenced the careers of music industry icons Charlie Christian, Billy Holiday, Bob Dylan, Pete Seger, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughan, James has engaged in a half a billion-dollar copyright infringement lawsuit with Bob Dylan.
    As the curtain rises on the stage of deceit, we learn that CBS / Sony international recording artist, Bob Dylan not only used songs and lyrics written by James Damiano but also solicited Mr. Damiano’s materials for a period of over ten years and eleven months. One of those songs is nominated for a Grammy as the best rock song of the year. Ironically the title of that song is Dignity.
    It is now common knowledge that Bob Dylan has been accused of plagiarism in over two hundred separate incidences. In Dylan’s early career he would plagiarize one or two songs from different artists. By the late seventies his professional schedule became very demanding of his time, and he was afforded less time to write. It was at this time he was introduced to James Damiano’s materials.
    Damiano a prolific writer provided a treasure trove of material to Dylan over the course of eleven years of which Dylan took the liberty of taking advantage of without crediting Damiano for said materials. Eventually Dylan acquired twenty-seven years of James Damiano’s writing.

    Eleven Years


    1. Mathis is just some dude. This is an old site I’m waiting for the digital book burners to shut it down when the next payment is due. I tried to direct all traffic to a dif site. It’s All Fake. Updated posts and regular new ones


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