The Jamestown project; World Fair Art Spooks and Military Intelligence

I must admit I was wrong with this one. I mean I knew it was fake, its all fake, but I thought the angle of deception would come from the age of the place, like they did to Harpers Ferry. There was a network of industrial areas in the Appalachian mountains that run all the way up into Canada. Check a map of the Appalachian Trail, I bet it is no where near the supposed area of Jamestown. It was constructed from whole cloth to support the narrative, opposite the sites that have the narrative built around their existence.

The first place I looked was the National Park Service webpage, not knowing much of the history around Jamestown it was all fresh. heres a few of the bullet points that caught my attn:

  • one fort built on top or next to an earlier one, we see this at starforts Ft. Pitt and Ft Dusquesne.
  • Confederate forces found roman artifacts. Its essentially self confirmation. one military finding the remains of another military. Military-only gatekeeper projects like that fit the profile
  • Same thing with the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, APVA, who in 1897 was working on the church sub-project, all these compartments investigating themselves.
  • The APVA was founded in the year 1893, same year the world fair in Chicago took place and these history (his-story) became increasingly frequent. the Colonial Dames connects them to a second fair. Theres a bronze statue in England proves this site has international importance.
  • The Army Corp of Engineers get involved in 1901. On the face they are building an erosion prevention device but the corps of engineers is scandalous, they seem to be close in structural issues like dam breaches and bridge and building collapses. They are probly constructing the entire vicinity to appear the way public-education schoolbooks say, building to fit the narrative. The story is established first then these guys or their civilian counterparts go to work presenting it. Similar to constructing human zoo displays at the World Fairs
  • In 1934 the National Park Service acquired the surrounding land. NPS was established as part of the New Deal. Nps maintains all the old-world locations and writes the narrative, moreso they guard the narrative.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps are the non-gov branch but do the same thing, exempt from things like the Freedom of Information Act, as if that was really a thing anyway (see Margret Sanger, Helen Keller, MLK, mk-ultra fake foia) As if to prove this they say all their stratigraphic documentation was lost.
  • See Also; J.C. Harrington, 1937 pioneered ‘historic archaeology’, these even an archaeology museum on site (with a Roman name, this is important later)
  • preparing for the 350 anno they excavated a trench 3′ deep by 6′ long (666) covering 13 acres.
  • presence of Pre-Columbian Indians. They didnt exist
  • In preparation for the 400 anno the NPS partnered up with William and Mary College. Just their presence is enough to throw the whole game but then they start naming their objectives like computer ‘reconstruction’ mapping and determining land use by the inhabitants for the 12,000 yrs and then make a separate presentation for public access. 12,000 yrs is in reference to the “Ice Age”, its code for Mudflood, or Reset. That mean not only are they building a type of exhibit showcased at a World Fair as far as Jamestown goes but they are taking it even further to include the Ice Age narrative.
  • National Registry of Historic Places in 1966
  • The obelisk is 103 ft tall, one foot for each original settlers. That measn the orginal settlers are a 13 variation as well

I should’ve seen the angle coming; only its existence is the important part, no body ever seems concerned as to what they did, as long as they were there doing it.

Jamestown Fort Civil War History

Action at Wilsons wharf. Wilson has come up alot in the last few days, the Wilson borer, the Wilson Hotel, now the Wilson farm est 1835. In 1864 there was a civil war battle

The headlining battle was a land/naval skirmish involving the first Colored Troop unit commanded by General BF Butler. The BF stands for Benjamin Franklin, as we have seen time and again these people that themselves after the fake forefathers are the perps. Butler was also remembered as the 33rd gov of Massachusetts and lead the charge in the fake Tewksbury investigation in the Helen Keller/ Anne Sullivan thread.

The Colored Troops constructed an earthworks for defense which was later named Ft Pocahontas then under command of Brig Gen Wild who were attacked by Fitzhugh Lee before it was finished. The USCT have been involved with many suspicious events that use the proxy war for cover. Pratt of Carlisle school and Stand Watie, TJ Morgan. They are also connected to the Native American ‘fake Indian’ thread. these are all hi-profile perps, I’m not surprised to find colored troop activity here. I think colored troops provide an opportunity for side-projects to hide behind. Nobody seems to question what they are doing so much as long as they are ther to be doing it, just like the colony at Jamestown itself.

Sherwood Forest

The name is mockery, named after a fictional character from England, Robyn Hood, the Pocahontas story is Disney fable just like Robyn Hood. The people that write this stuff down know exactly what they are doing, I mean, the joke does not go unnoticed within their NYC art spook community. Jamestown is a fairy tale, thats what the mockery says.

The site of the fort was left untouched the whole time until it was purchased by Harrison Ruffin Tyler, a descendant of 10th prez Zach Taylor, Aces and Eights. A descendant of a founding father, this would make the owner a Colonial Dame, or one of the sister orgs. This would be the biggest claim of self confirmation we’ve seen in awhile. People of this class are like horses, they boast of their pedigree by naming their offspring the names of the bloodlines. Thats why its always significant when you find someone named after a fictional character. Tyler is comprised of 3, Harrison, Ruffner, and Tyler. Boy they really try to cram as much in there as they can huh.

The gift was made to his father, prez of William and Mary college Lyon Gardiner Tyler, but because of his Confederate views and position on segregation the college was unable to keep the endowment in his name. ‘Lyon’ could be ‘lying’, or symbolize the Lion, like from imagery on the Obelisk. Gardiner is an old spook family name. His position in academia means he had the knowledge and means to set the earth works site up to match the textbook version of events.

Speaking of self validating bloodlines Harry is also said to be descended from Pocahontas herself. Even more suspicious is his wife, who graduated with a degree in fine arts, then another degree in NY School of Interior Design and later attended the Art Students League. The couple backgrounds in art and academics make for a perfect combination if one wanted to set up a museum-exhibit quality fake historical site.

Tyler the younger has a background as a chemical engineer, grad from VA tech, worked with the Big Oil company Mobil until branching out on his own. This would explain the new narrative of Jamestown settlement changing directions. Remember, its not so important as to what the settlers are doing as much as that they are there to be doing it. Think about scientist on the international space station that never seem to be doing anything and the whole point is just to convince the viewer that they are really there, the ISS is just as fake as Colonial America. The new narrative is that they colony was Americas first chemical company, set up for metallurgy and glass making., Cites earlier perfumeries and gunpowder manufacturers. I have to say No, the colony as chemical enterprize is far too outlandish, even for me, but it showcases ho these gatekeepers can write whatever script they want and insert themselves where ever profitable, rewriting history along the way.

The thing is, sp many people have been inserting themselves along the way Jamestown characters have a diverse pool to write the narrative with

Army Corps of engineers

These guys were supposedly doing erosion control in 1901. I say they are responsible for planting most of the evidence that would be excavated over a century later. I even say they were really doing erosion work too. They shape the land to fit the narrative. The odd triangular shape of the fort and its relationship to the river suggests the original fort was cut in half. Half of it was washed away by the waters and the other half was modified by the Corps to appear the way the narrative reads.

They often work side by side with the Civilian Conservation Corps. Everyone on the job could be ignorantly working a proxy but functioning erosion control and a non-gov agent can slip in and out at will and arrange things to be found later. Furthermore, the corps stratigraphic data was reported lost. More like hidden, that would produce an authentic ‘discovery’. the civilian and govt engineers would even have access to genuine artifacts to bury. The same people that find them are the ones that determine authenticity. Thats why access to the Island has been restricted to military and preservation groups


According to historians the John Smith maps have disappeared (you dont say) on their way back to England aboard the ship Phoenix, but they still have other descriptions from outside sources. The layout of the fort takes on a more recognizable shape with the church in the central position, the ‘eye’ of the pyramid. Whether there was a pre-existing structure on the site that was modified or it was made up to look like a pyramid from scratch is up for discussion. I say yes it was modified, as you will find out soon the position is of outstanding military value. The stone is missing but couldve been scavaged to build surrounding structures.

The hand drawn map is 1608 and even if it was that old that marker looks more like something else besides an ‘X’

John Smith

Now that I have my own attn lets jump in a little deeper. Yep, shoulda seen it. Its a pattern with the John Smith map of the Chesapeake Bay, its not just a map, its a whole book full of bullshit even mainstream normie historians have to admit its impossible for Smith to have been to the places he is said to have been by the previous historians. Shit, John Smith is the founder of Jamestown. Thats a two-fer. John Smith is a fictional character so are all the deeds attributed him, like Pocahontas, thank “Do you believe in Magick” fuckin Disney for any confusion

Anybody with a full sized bronze statue is a guaranteed Reset agent, the ones that make marble or granite pedestal status are the most highly regarded, The ones that get all this plus a disney movie make for a Grade A research paper. Only one thing is certain, whatever the postcard says is a lie


Be on the lookout for bronzes, the bigger the better, life sizes always have a good story, they only commemorate their own works. Pocahontas has two bronzes. She is an important character in England false history narrative as well, she has a life sized bronze copy of the one in Jamestown park. She doesn’t have a pedestal rank in America, she mustve been downgraded bc the one in England still has it. The original statue in Jamestown was unveiled at the 1907 Tercentennial Expo and included 18 ft. Aces and Eights.

The artist, sculptor William Ordway Partridge overlooked the little things like style when he made an Eastern Algonquin wearing a Plains Indian dress. Who woulda thought that could even be a thing of contention? Well alot of people if you are obsessivly trying to control the narrative.

Pocahontas was buried on March 21, 1617 (3/22, well close enough There are alot of numerical markers in dealing with Colonial history)

Jamestown Obelisk

Just in case nobody has ever told you before, whenever you see a giant fucking obelisk featuring Phoenix imagery all over it learn to read context. This is an important clue in learning about our real past and who controls us. No its not the Phoenician Navy. Accounts say after obelisk dedication in 1907, due to lack of funds, Jamestown Island fell into disrepair and by 1957 erosion from upriver farms and plow cropping had brought ground level up to the step. This is an echo of a mudflood, the narrative makes absolutely no sense, you dont erect something like this and then mudflood it. they think im stoopid or somethin? Other Roman imagery include caltrops, simple iron spikes, and the seal of the commonwealth. Everyone surrounding this project had the means and know-how to pull off a staged archaeology site to fool the world. Well, they dont really have to fool the world since it is the New WORLD Order. i mean whats gonna happen if they investigate themselves anyway? They just have to fool the dumbed-down and distracted onlooker.

Obelisks are among the most important of all markers, the bigger the better. They even contain the B-e-l syallable as in Ba’al, I say as in Bell the family bloodline fits here too, the surname being a variation of Ba’el contained in the word O’bel’isk. Among the more ornate of obelisks this one features the eagle, lions head and shield, all imagry from Anicent Rome, the golden age of the state. (It’s all fake too.) Thats what this represents. The zenith of state control. The Emperors and Pharoahs. They try to project themselves as being decended from an unbroken line going back to the Holy Empire, even older to the priesthood class of Egypt, but dont fall for it, these assholes have barely managed to hold it together for 200 years, not 200 centuries.

Colonial Dames of America

These bitches are just as treacherous as the Army Corps of Engineers. There presence says more than words ever could. They call themselves dames but CDA membership is comprized men and women, descendants of the fake founding fathers like Ben Franklin and all the rest of the signers of the Constitutions. The were organized straight outta the Philly Centennial in ’76, the first World Fair in America, this mean the Dames are a World Fair project all by themselves

The Dames travel around erecting monuments and placing memorials on sites they deem are of historical value. They along with similar groups have built up the whole area as a variation of the Human Zoo exhibits. Jamestown is a movie set staged by rich and powerful elite families and their only mission is to protect their way of life, the enslavement of the Orphan Immigrant

They recently funded the gate restoration project. Yeah, right, I mean, they ARE gatekeepers afterall, gatekeepers gotta keep gates. CDA is involved with alot of Indian War battle monuments and works with the likes of the Civilian Conservation Committee on star fort acquisition, See King Philips War and Ft Frederick.

Installed by the Colonial Dames of America. Because Gatekeepers gotta keep gates right

For 1907 expo they donated a new church to the APVA featuring glass floor panels used for viewing the original foundations of the previous churches. The problem is the other church history comes from John Smith who we have already established even normies admit it is impossible for him to have been there. The Dames built onto an existing brickwork chimney, at least thats what they say. here is a pic they give us, its undated and location not marked but I have found the photographic evidence surprizingly reliable, they are proud of their deception, the authenticity matters. An authentic lie.

The earliest depiction is in 1854, it seems the site had already been written up as a church as the alter and pews are featured. In the pictures the supposed rubble pile has been placed and does not appear natural. The larger slabs look like props to me. Perhaps they were all buried by the Corps of Engineered under direction of some World Fair creepy bloodlines

In June 1922 the Dames contributed another piece to the Jamestown puzzle. A large Bronze bas-relief sculpture of the first communion in the New World. here let me explain that the “…this my blood and this is my body…” that you consume is a mock human-sacrifice ritual. Get mad You haven’t noticed a pattern yet?

March 22 (3/22) Massacre

The Skull and Boness Brotherhood of Death numerical sigil is found all over the place, not just asribed to the death of Pocahontas but in regards to the military aspect of Jamestown, several major battles and turning point of wars happened on this day. some would say these battles were human sacrifice rituals except that the battles never happened bc the Colonies are lies. It was so popular it even gets it own recognized holiday

“Good Friday” 1622, nearly 400 settlers are brutally massacred at Jamestown. The date 3/22 is turned into an official holiday in remembrance of the attack in the year 1624 “Great Massacre Day”

A granite slab was placed at the site of Henritl Citi commemorating the attack provided by the Society of Colonial Wars. Wreathes were laid by orgs such as Order of the Indian Wars of the United States; National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia; Virginia State Society Colonial Dames of the XVII Century; Jamestowne Society; Order of the Founders and Patriots of America; Virginia Chapter National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America; Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Virginia; and Huguenot Society of Virginia. All these groups give the appearance of variety, they are all the same entity and function as one unit

Side note: 3/22 is the 81st day of the year (Aces and Eights)

New History

The narrative is always changing to adjust to the mustneeds to maintain control of the narrative. what I mean is historians have continually propped up the underprepared and over-ambitious attitude of the gold-digging Virginia Company settlers. Now it is morphing into a new narrative based on false evidence planted at the site… possibly by the Civilian Conservation Corps and Army corps of Engineers over a hundred years ago. Building an earthworks retaining wall for erosion certain sounds like it would provide cover for massive amounts of land moving. They probly even did install an erosion control system just to protect their little museum exhibit til the return of the Golden Age of the Holy Roman Empire, as the symbols and monuments suggest. This would also cut back on the people in the know. Plausible deniability. How many people you suppose participated in this one chapter alone? No need to worry about everyone keeping their shit together if everyone is actually doing what they say. It would only take a handful of people to actually plant the evidence. The burial locations map was then destroyed, or more likely suppressed so that each subsequent ‘discovery’ would seem organic and authentic, even to the excavator, this way the discoveries could be timed for maximized effect, such as appropriating grant money, which seems to be the ultimate goal of all university-level scholars. I think this could play out on large sites. check UNESCO sites. That one place in Globekli Teppi they even admit was buried intentionally!

After even farther analysis the 12,000 y/o Ice Age myth is being coupled with the enigmatic copper mines of the Upper Peninsula. The Great Lakes region has been discussed more and more in relation to the *global copper trade. The massive mines and do not fit the narrative. The emerging narrative suggests the Virginia Company was there to establish a point of contact with the already-existing Native controlled industry (see what I mean about conflicting narratives?) They have to come up with something that merges 2 narratives with as little scarring as possible. The good thing is they are both fake narratives so nothing is off limits. Even if they have to go in under a civilian or military banner and hide fake artifacts from themselves only to ‘rediscover’ them 20 years from now. We just have seen them do this a CENTURY IN ADVANCE, you think 10 or 20 years is too long? The current Jamestown Project spooks are calling themselves the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation, No shit again.

The copper mines never occurred to me the significance of this. Michigan native copper is world famous from antiquity and the pits rival contemporary mining operations. We gotta check it out in our Post-Reset/ Pre-population North America. This could fit in well with the Mound Builders category.

*See Also: Falun mine in Sweden 16th centenry

World Fairs

This is an official invitation to the Jamestown Tercentennial Expo in 1907

Jamestown WAS a World Fair! I knew it. The World Fairs are notoriously sloppy in their classification of what constitutes a world fair and an International Expo and you know how they are with their titles. The NYTimes appears to be mostly responsible for the PR campagin to draw in crowds and then erase it from public conversation and memory. NYT are another treacherous entity. They are the same entity for real but we dont have time for that, you should already know that.

There is a second obelisk at Jamestown, this is how compartmentalization is effective camoflage. I told you one was important, a second is crazy

The question mark after 1939 indicates not even the state knows where this comes from. The Virginia New York Worlds Fair Commission doesnt exist. For a similar story about a nonexistant group donating a granite marker see the Denver Airports New World Airport Commission.

Thank you if you read all this. Take time to process this, wipe the sleep outta your eyes and continue. Colonial America is a lie. The next post will be dedicated to the world fair alone. This is enough to leave most people with something to process, If you disgree with my reseach it is bc I have failed to present it the way it is. Colonial America was written by some art spook gatekeepers and Jamestown is a living exhibit, a staged archaeological site set up by the Inheritor families and the Military Industrial Complex. Perhaps that is the reason for both the Army Corps of Engineers and the Civilian Conservsation Corps. Much of the surrounding area was developed for the Worlds Fair which was really a big military show. Once the Fair people packed up and left the military just kinda stayed around and occupied the buildings. The fact that the position was such of strategic value was surprizingly over looked by the military. That was the trade off. the military got to keep the site and they both prop each other up. It appears from the little bit that Ive seen much of the civil war and precivil war history was made historical fact at the Jamestown Expo. It was mainly a naval superiority display and included all the little chapters of Colonial American icons, such as the Mayflower that Roosevelt rode in on. Interesting book written by the Black organizer, a prominent figure in Black “race development” (the boston cryptojews open a bank with his name attached) leave me a comment.


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