Hoffman, American Psychiatric Association, and the Atlantic. Oh my!

Hoffman building at the Wharf

I was hustling through the Wharf in D.C. a few weeks ago to catch the Flogging Molly show at the Anthem. It was terrible (the show), I saw them a few times when I was a diff person but I no longer enjoy the Entertainment Industrial Complex ritual magic. One of the first and hardest things is to let go of the celebrity false idols we loved as a slave. Thats a convo for another day, this is about what happened on my way to the show.

They’d been doing alot of work renovating the Wharf over the last decade and the place has really come up. The first thing I saw was a new building with Hoffman on the storefront. Now, you have to understand there are generational families of spook agents that are involved with the same line of business over the course of centuries to maintain the status quo prison planet paradigm. Hoffman is one of the big ones. The most popular and misunderstood is Albert Hoffman, the Warburg chemist that is credited for ‘accidentally’ discovering LSD. that famous bicycle ride is a fairy tale used to make it like acid is some beautiful thing, who could disagree with a sunny afternoon in the garden? Too bad its all bullshit. Hoffman was trying to chemically induce the ‘shell shock’ symptoms of WW1 trench warfare, among other things, like the standard ‘truth syrum’ story.

There are other variations too… Jimmy Hoffa the union jerk off. Abram Hoffer was involved in the Canadian adrenochrome farms at the residential Native schools. Speaking about Canada there is Canada’s most famous mass-murderer named Hoffman at the Oak Ridge facility, without looking Im gonna have to challenge that one. Tip: All mass murder cases are scripted staged false flag events.

Going back even farther there is a director at the University of Zurich Institute for the Blind and Deaf named Hoffmeister This is significant for quite a few reasons we wont get into right now either but one thing interesting is the character is giving a historical comment about and older guy who not much is known about. However is incident is dated before what my research has led to the last Reset. I mean its fake. Its the fake timeline, and the fact we get our information from an inserted character about another fake inserted character. A Keller. This is a good example of how one lie props up another and the whole thing is a house of cards. That is for another day, the take-away is when you see this name anything it is attached to should be scrutinized; any people, places or events tied to the Hoffman clan are auto-flagged.

When I passed the building I just made a mental note but it was nothing special. At, least till i made it to the next storefront… The connecting office was the American Psychiatric Association headquarters! This made me chuckle out loud. Of course the authority of psychological torture would be housed with the agent provocateurs. Heres a free pro-tip: any org that begins with the words American and ends with either Association or Society is all part of the machine. No exceptions. They do the opposite of whatever their storefront name says, in this instance the APA doesnt treat psychotic peoples, it creates them, covers for spook activities, suppresses real science. promotes human torture experiments… You know the rest. I hear someone out there saying, “you’re full of shit, My father worked for the American Medical Association and he wasnt a part of any military intelligence outfit or NWO agent.” Sorry but yes he was, poor fool didnt even know it. Many are walking around actively but unknowingly keeping this system in place, not only by deed but mostly through silence.

Another thing to keep an eye out for are the numbers 1 and 8. Aces and Eights, once you start looking you will find them all over the place, this is not an accident or coincidence, this is how spooks communicate to let other spooks know this is their operation. A case in point is the address at 800 Maine, aces and eights are always a marker.

Corporate Logo’s are Black Magick Sigils

Then I got looking at the logo. At first glance you see it is the common staff and serpent; the Rod of Asclepius, a single snake with no wings, different from the caduceus, two snakes and wings on the staff. These are not interchangeable like you might think, only the single snake has medicinal roots. The caduceus is the staff of Baphomet.

Staff of Hermes, Caduceus. Baphomet cock

On the entry level this is what it is but rarely are these things just one layer. In case you haven’t noticed yet this is a birdseye view of the brain, the brain with a serpent running through it is creepy enough but it also looks very much like an electric current symbol on blueprints. Maybe it is a shout out to the electro-shock therapy crowd but check this out, its not just any electric symbol either, specifically the resistor symbols. Get it? Boy theres never a dull moment with these guys, what a fun group! Resistance is futile!

Thats why the Hoffman tribe is so special, they give it that extra Oomph that shows they really care. Hoffman realty claims to be the driving force behind the renovation of the Wharf from the get-go, this says the whole movement was planned just to bring all these factions together under the same roof. Wharf is a maritime word which points to naval intelligence, Phoenician Navy some would say.

The building itself is named Hoffman & Associates, diff from the picture above which are all really the same, just everything is compartmentalized so you cant see the only story, only like looking through a keyhole. What I’m getting at here is its significant that such a prestigious and authoritative entity such as the APA is located within the Hoffman building and not the other way around. The APA should have its own building or at least occupy a government space. They dont though and thats bc not only are they the same entity the Hoffmans are the ‘man behind the curtain’ power. The APA simply is a tee-shirt that has the appearance of authority and fed jurisdiction. The government has as much jurisdiction here as they do with the Federal Reserve, another special interest group tentacles of the same entity. The Great Reset happened already btw, we are still transitioning now. The installation of centralized international power structure has been done in slow increments for a long time. Thats a convo for another day as well.

New Atlantic Headquarters

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to squeeze any more spooks into a single building I find out our good friends at the Atlantic are moving their basecamp in as well. If you arent yet familiar with the Atlantic they are one of the oldest gatekeeper rags still around. A Hall of Records, started with the intent of being so. They exist to smooth out the timeline and fill in the gaps that someone might use to figure out the whole shit show has been rigged against our favor. The Atlantic covers all the major false flags and psychological terror attacks and normie statists eat that faux poetry shit up. The reality is they are deeply involved with keeping the slave population dumbed down with a false narrative. They are the ones that write the false narrative. From the Macy parade to the Bread and Roses strike to Abbe Epee to the World Fairs. Stuff you never heard of they cover, just to make sure you continue to never hear of these things. When I found out they were moving in I about bust a nut. Someone gotta keep tabs on these fuckers.

Here are a few pics taken off their google earth page: the wall of Shame; Y’allidays is the headliner but the important thing here is Meta. It is meant to show the collusion even though they arent listed as headquartered in the building they are one of the Associates; I’m sure the photographer didn’t intend to showcase some sunrise chemtrails over D.C., that would be crazy conspiracy talk. Cant even mention psychological warfare

The building is like an operations command center, housing several other special interest tentacles. Remember, the building is called Hoffman & Associates, meaning these groups are all connected.

  • There is a pharmacy that fits in well. A legit cover for drug stockpiling, distribution, vaccine center…
  • a company that makes tax payments for other companies. Oh boy, taxes! Income tax is voluntary and theft, strongarm, coercion. Certainly they need an office here.
  • next up is a lobbying group, more pay-offs, bribery, shit politicians have the biggest racket in the game. “Cornerstone will continue to provide discreet and hands-on public affairs, lobbying, strategic consulting, advocacy, and marketing services to its diverse group of clients.”
  • Here is investment firm. They invest other peoples money into their their own special interest projects. Another racket. International of course, it is a new WORLD order you know. This is how they operate. Be wary of anybody that has ‘global portfolio’ in their resume.
  • The next one could be a subject for a whole article. A think-tank comprised of the leaders of top commercial companies. Call themselves a roundtable like sir lancelot or conan doyle whoever the fuck that was so that they appear as knights

    …exclusively represents chief executive officers (CEOs) of America’s leading companies. These CEO members lead companies with more than 15 million employees and more than $7 trillion in annual revenues. As major employers in every state, CEOs take seriously the responsibility of creating quality jobs with good wages. These leaders join with communities, workers and policymakers to build a better future for the nation and its people.

    Believe me, they are not doing any of that.

  • Daimler’s presence raises an eyebrow. What are they doing here? The link offered takes you to a page that touts a ‘historic realignment’. Hmm, check up on their formation, I think they started manufacturing for the war machine, once they start they never stop.
  • Litigation experts for international patent law. Patent laws control the speed and direction of technological development.
  • The Madison in the Hoffman-Madison is another real-estate mogul. anyone claiming relations to the fictional founding fathers for self-validating status has just exposed themselves
  • Lumark works with agencies called government-civilian, which means groups that have no real jurisdiction and usurp their authority: FCC, DoT, DoD…
  • Socially Determined sells themselves as what they call Social Risk Intel. The words artificial intelligence come up but their website is intentionally vague.
  • Heres a gas company. What they really mean is energy control and climate change pushers.
  • A community association is charged for beautifying the neighborhood… Including parks and monuments. My eye has been wandering to the Benjamin Banneker memorial park across the street. They only memorialize their own and pay tribute to the worst ones. the time-frame he was born and connection to the fictional founding fathers suggest he was never a flesh and bone person either.
  • There are several other splinter cells not worth mentioning, nobody does anything in the whole lot of them productive, except perpetuate the prison planet. They remind me of the line-up in the Psychedelic Industrial Complex, do-nothing fake guru’s that make a living taking advantage of people.

So thats all I got for now, hopefully I made the information easy for everyone to innerstand, all these storefronts are the same full-spectrum-domination entity working as a single unit to keep the human population a slave race on a tax farm. thanx for stopping by. leave a comment, subscribe. have a nice day. or go fuck yourself, depending on who you are…

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