Les Claypool Genealogy

Les Claypool Genealogy

Quaker Merchant Slaver and Cromwell

Les was born on September 29, 1963 to a working class mechanic family in Richmond, California. Already I’m shaking my head, mechanic is a popular code word for intelligence, sort of like when you see merchant or stonemason listed as a profession. Also alitlle suspect that there is no family mentioned on wiki, or any of the celebrity bio pages. They all mirror the same thing and really want you to know he comes from mechanics family.

On a celebrity ethnicity page, yeah there really is such a thing, it says he is eight dif parts european. Eight is another intelligence make. His ‘likely’ paternal grand parents are given, Glen Howard Claypool and Frances Eileen Williams. There is much more effort given to his maternal grandparents and their origins. strange there is no mention of his parents, only grandparents. Its ok for now we got what we need.

Run granmpas name through the keyword search takes us to Find a Grave where it is confirmed by listing his wife as Frances. There is also more good stuff it has his parents names, Minnie and George Virgil Claypool, from MO. It names three children as well, one of these are the hidden parent of Les.

Finally on Les’ great grandfather we get a hit on geni, George Viril Claypool’s wife Minnie was born a Neff. George himself was born of Esquire William Claypool. Another flag as esquire usually denotes a lawyer or nobility.

Next in line we have a George Washinton Claypool. This is a huge red flag. these people use themselves to prop each other up. GW was a big time spook and anyone was names their kid after that is going to be of the same ilk.

After a shout out to spook Washington have a Ruben Claypool. Ruben is a common jewish name.

Two more generations takes us Col John Claypool. This guy made a note for himself in history as well. John was a tory given the title Colonel by the British Gen Cornwallis himself for his support. He led a posse that refused to pay taxes or volunteer for the militia. Thats code for aristocrats. If they had enough money to worry about taxes and refused to go off and fight like a peasant they were upper class brits. Numbers reached some say over a thousand. Claypool was finally arrested, threatened with execution and ultimately pardoned by the governor. The incident is remembered as Claypools Rebellion for those interested

Going backwards we hit 3 James’ before we find what we are looking for. James Claypoole Sr. born in 1634 England. James was a London merchant. Emigrated to pennslyvania and was personal friends of William Penn and entertained Quaker father George Fox regularly. One of Penns biggest backers he purchased 5,000 acres before arriving. James Claypool was the second signer of the charter of Pennsylvania under Penn and was a professed Quaker. A prominent merchant-citizen of Philadelphia and was tresurer of the ‘Free Society of Traders of PA’.

Not only that but his older brother married the daughter of Oliver Cromwell. Les Claypool is so-many great grand uncle-in- laws with the Protectorate himself. This is royal ancestry. Besides that if you go a few more generations back Les has another royal connection to King Edward Longshanks.

Looks like the Quaker merchant relative of Cromwell also dealt in the skin trade. Cromwell was responsible for the regicide of Charles II and the Jewish Readmittance Edict. Quakers are cryptojews. James wrote a letter to his brother…

“I writt to thee, to send me 4 blacks viz. a man, a woman, a boy, a Girl but
being I was so disappointed in Engl[and] as not to send thee those goods
thou wrote for, I could not expect thou wouldst send them. . . . Now my desire is that if thou dost not send them all however to send me a boy
between 12 & 20 years. “

The words are not disputed. This is why Les’ parents were scrubbed. He doesnt want you to know his family helped found the colony of Pennslyvannia from selling negros. Not only did he sell them but he owned some as well.

Les is one of the most talented musicians of our day, thats not what got him the spotlight however. His bloodline did


    1. thanx for stopping by. Claypool interests me bc he was my fav musician back in the day. I watched him and Buckethead open interdimensional portals one time. Im by no means denying his talent but my research suggests he wouldve been famous regardless of talent, most New World jesters fuckin suck, they just happen to be famous bc of past relations. A whole other class of people, the Inheritors. Claypool is not unique, they are all gatekeepers to another reality. i just chose him as part of my ego death. gotta let go of false idols right.


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