Most of the Starforts have been destroyed, others exit in fragments or outlines. They are from a previous era in our land, wild stories have been made up to dismiss and explain away observations. The string of Indian wars was invented for a false sense of history. Starforts are among the infrastructural fingerprints from before the repopulation, along with tunnels, sewers, bridges, canals, aquaducts, railroads, resevoirs. Hopefully one day I will be able to type up something more indepth but for now Im just keeping a list of the ones I come across in my other threads. Im not on the lookout for starforts but they attract some wierd shit and when I find one I make a note to return to later. My stamp collection is fun too, the nwo pay tribute to their own works in many ways. Stamps is one for sure, the people and events they put on stamps is scandelous my friend, anybody you see on a stamp is trouble.

Ft. McHenry-

battle of 1812, Star spangled banner is inserted 

Ft Frederick-


The first thing I wanted to share was the role of the C.C.C., Citizen Conservation Corp, as we see in this pic of coopting an Star fort they name Ft Frederick they plant a lot of trees to shape the land as they want to fit the narrative, this same practice is found in the ghost cities before the repopulation there are whole landscapes of freshly planted trees. 

There is also a Ft Frederick starfort in Cyelon, off the coast of India. 

Ft Loudoun- Tennessee, used for only four years for protection during the French and Indian war. Constructed by the Independent Company of South Carolina. Sited as ruins as early as 1763 by Timberlake. In 1917 a marker was placed here by the Colonial Dames org, same group that placed markers in Harpers Ferry. 

Carlisle is the name of a town in Ohio with an earthwork structure is simply known as the Carlisle Fort. It has been dated to 2000 years ago, if you can believe that…By an archeologist named JP MacLean who in 1885 wrote that the total wall length in 3676 ft and total coverage is 12-15 acres. He admits to the early locals scavenging the original structure for building materials. It is designated an earthworks since the ruins are dirt but in the same paragraph admits the original stone was carried off by “hundreds of wagons”. The first survey was done by Binkley and Blossom in 1835 and again in 1875, They cite the ancient lake dwellers of Switzerland. The town of Carlisle is said to have been named after George Carlisle, a railroad agent that “bought and platted a large section of the community.” 

MacLean wrote many authoritative books about ‘precolumbian’ America; elvolution, discrediting the race of giants and Viking habitation. He lead the first annual MacLean Clan gathering in the New World held in Chicago 1893 (Columbian Expo, World Fair) 

 Not to be confused with the town of New Carlisle, the next county over in Clark County, whose claim to fame is being the first town hit by John Dillenger in 1933. This is a separate story here I hope I get the chance to return. We already know the scriptwriters work though so the details mainly we just look for connections. This town supposedly was first settled in 1790 by John Paul Sr., a member of the Kentucky Squirrel Hunters who marched alongside George Rodgers Clark in 1780, the Battle of Piques and the ever-ensuing Treaty of Greenville in 1795, which preceded a flood of 45,000 people into the area within 5 years. This was the repopulation. The fake Indian wars meant by design to restrict access till the appropriate time then the treaty was signed and the Orphan Immigrants were corralled in. The first village was laid out by Billy Reyburn and named York in 1810, then changed the name to Monroe, after the founding father, the intersecting streets of Main Street include Washington, Lincoln, Madison, Jefferson, Jackson, and interestingly Pike. The only other Pike I have come across so far is Albert Pike; Freemason grand poo-bah and military intel and general of the Cherokee Confederates. Not exactly a fake founding-father but not far off of the fake Indian angle. The town is laid out like any small time mid-west village except this one is the kind of place that hosts false flag domestic terrorism events like John Dillenger bank robbery. 

Carlisle is admittedly founded by residents from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the Military Industrial Complex headquarters going back to pre-reset with a potential star fort of its own. The Carlisle Army Barracks contain a revolutionary war gun manufacturing shop, like Harpers Ferry and other places I think these were the outposts the Resetters used before the repopulation, during the Big Dig. I still think these Indian wars could be part of rounding up all the Ferals. 

*There is also a Carlisle, Ohio village that is unincorporated. Located in Noble County next to other unincorporated town of Moundsville. Moundsville was in part settled by the Northrup family of Connecticutt. Hmm the Calisles and Northrups settling neighboring towns? 

*There is also an ancient Roman Ft. Carlisle that was part of Hadrians Wall 

Site of Pittsburg. Built in 1759- 1761 Treaty of 1778 was signed here promising the Indians their own state. Strategic site at the junction of two rivers. All the fort has been destroyed except one section which has been owned by the Daughters of the America Revolution since 1896. Built next to but not on top of Ft Duquesne, another star fort supposedly built by the French in 1754. Control of the forts changes a few times in a series of historical fiction skirmishes. Always includes G. Washington. 

Ft Pitt and Ft Duquesne

The Treaty of Ft Pitt in 1788 was one of many fantasy docs used in a fake timeline, this time the Indians were promised their own state to govern. 

Ft Duquesne had an active role in the Indian Wars and included G. Washington 

Ferals are called Squatters by the feds. 

Forts attributed to the French in the Ohio Valley 

Fort Sandusky, Ft LeBeouf, Ft Venango, FT McIntosh, Ft Stanwix, Ft Finney, Ft Washington, Fort Marietta, Old Waterford Garrison, Whites Fort 

FT Marion

*See Also: Samuel H Parsons, Jacob Proctor, Federal Trail, Miami-Eerie Canal, Hoskins Rebellion 

Starfort links

Ft Massachusetts. builf during the French Indian war 1741 by Ephraim Williams. Site picked up by daughters of revolution. site razed and paved.Dollar General parking lot. see fake doc capture of fort and indian captivity by Norton. he is Yale Skull and Bones

DAR and Colonial Dames are usual suspects grabbing false narrative site for restoration or acknowledgement.

Ft James, Jamestown

Confederate build earthworks and find armor and arms. this is the script of Pitt and Du. with one fort being built not exactly on top of another one but crossing its borders.

Bunker Hill

Fortifications engineer was Richard Howe. Major role in the American Revolution

nyc had so many


Army corps of engineered modified existing structure to match history books. Erosion cut half away, Army corp of Engineers and Colonial Dames of America and Civilian Conservation Corps got together and made a living archaeology exhibit of World Fair caliber.
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