Helen Keller Project

Reset Gatekeeper

The Helen Keller fraud isn’t like other hoaxes. It cant be explained away with a few CGI glitches or time stamp errors. What makes this so important is all the connections. It’s the system that created her and holds her up still today that is the object of focus. Keller drops away to a small blip compared to some of her handlers. Did you know she met every president during her almost 9 decades. That’s a lot of presidents, every one of them knew she was a mockery, but so what bc so was every single one of them. how would you expect someone to receive that with no backstory?

So much energy is spent keeping everything compartmentalized and random and disconnected to prevent people from seeing that the veil is so thin and worn out its barely holding things together. I don’t know how they’ve managed to stay hidden for this long. This started as a quest to find a single narrative that wasn’t complete bullshit when you picked the at carcass… I don’t care what, historical icon or precedent setting court case they are all false flags or controlled opposition or something. I still challenge today anyone to provide something.

I thought this was gonna be a quick 10 page expose’ on Helen Keller but once i started documenting all the connections and patterns i found i have 200 pages of report to sort through and a file of bookmarked links almost 500 deep to support every claim in this journey.

Even today Keller is headlines in pop culture, the HK conspiracy today is whether she existed as a real person at all. This amuses me, because most people in our history books are fictional beings. Case closed, you never even had to open the link. Keep them distracted by another lie, as long as its a lie, any lie. Its part of the spell. If the people are arguing about whether she was a flesh and blood person then they are not questioning some of the ludicrous claims made by the Keller camp.

You know that quote from CIA director Casey said “You’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false”? This is supposed to be about Operation Mockingbird which was the gov operation to manipulate the ‘freedom of the press’. well thats the joke, thats the mockery, Everything the American people believe already is a lie. It always has been. Prestigious Institutions called Ivy League schools are recruitment centers. Main street media outlets act as the Hall of Records and were put in place designed to be just that. Science goes to the highest bidder… to a point but once you reach a level there is no money, Money is just something used to control the people. The Orphan class.

There was a central control grid set up on a world stage. History was written with characters inserted to give Inheritors false claim to privilege and prosperity. A few industrialists did not just come to control the world’s natural resources by a few lucky business deals and some shady ethics. Wealth is passed down generationally. There is no such thing as new wealth. Technology that didnt go with the status-quo was suppressed. and weaponized like directed energy or weather modification..

His-story is just a string of psychological warfare operations. Keller was one herself, especially to the real deafblind community she led a direct assualt on their way of life. Every movement she was a part of only served to perpetuate their ultimate agenda. The New World Order isnt knocking on the front foor or just around the corner, thats more invisible perceived threat bullshit. The NWO has been here for about two and a half centuries already.

Keller was used to promote other projects. that means everyone connected to her is involved. Sure there may be a proxy politicain or something but they all know. That saying, “oh that cant be real, too many people would have to be in on it.” Yeah well that completely opposite, true to form in our inverted satanic reality, the ONLY reason its real is bc so many people are in on it.

Keller is nothing special to me, its not like a wierd sex thing, she was just my entry point into the Reset and class-war, couldve been anyone, they are all connected. Just so happens that her celebrity made her a spokesperson. A walking billboard. Everyone connected to her and every political movement and organization has a story to tell.

People want the truth handed to them with a bold headline and an image. it doesnt work like that. This page was originally supposed to be a single length book. It got too long and too hard to follow and not all the pieces made it in the final. That is an impossibility. You can pick up on any page, there is no beginning or end.