Obed Macy and Cyrus McCormick Reaper Wars

The men that made bread cheap

Even though Reaper development had been ongoing in Europe for decades and encouraged by the Art Societies since the 1780’s the climax was centered in America, which with all the fertile open soil was slated to be the bread basket of the New World Order. Who would be the first person to complete the combination reaper/harvester? It came down to two people, a Macy and a McCormick, both of the Reset class that appeared in the public eye to battle it out in legal drama’s and field trials and international competitions, they were on the same team and worked together.

Cyrus ran a PR campaign that was part of his sales pitch the linear invention of the reaper which he evolved over the course of decades to target anti-Big Biz famers and portray himself as a savior to humanity (by making bread cheaper). By the time of the Columbian Expo at the Chicago World Fair of 1893 he was advertising he was the source of every step in development since his inception in 1831. International Inventors Congress, the jury panel at the fair sided with competitors and all claims were removed. Both Hussey and McCormick are given the title of ‘the man that made bread cheap’, but who does the credit belong? Competitors quickly point out that the McCormick fairy tale history turned concrete historical fact was bullshit and Cyrus didn’t invent shit and at most tweaked his father Roberts invention. This is what history books are quick to point out bc it doesn’t threaten the timeline, at least not fatally, even if Cyrus didn’t actually come up with all the idea by himself at one time it was simply an extension of his father so what’s the difference? The battle for who made bread cheap turn from the field trials to the patent office. 

On New Year’s Eve 1833 Hussey received the first patent for the reaper. In an April 1834 issue of Mechanics Magazine there is a description of Hussey’s machine, interestingly there is eyewitness testimony provided by a T.B. Coffin. The Coffin and Hussey families go all the way back to Nantucket, we see them here still working together as we can assume the Nantucket whaling venture wasn’t their first interaction either, the Coffins are another Olde World Reset family as well. The next month’s issue contained a rebuttal from McCormick stating he had come up with the invention in ‘31 and all subsequent modifications are a violation of his patent rights which he intends to prosecute violators.  This is all part of the build-up; McCormick had nothing filed in the patent office till after Hussey but true to his word he filed suit against all new designs, win or lose it was enough to deter new competition. McCormick’s argument was he field tested a model in 1831 but didn’t get to the patent office till ‘34. Hussey beat him there, filing on NYE of ‘33 

Developed a reaper with friend Edwin G. Pratt, Pratt owned the farm where the first successful field trial was held. There are congressional minutes recording the applications for patent extensions for both Hussey and McCormick, there are two Pratts in the 33rd Congress, I’m guessing it’s the one from Maryland that is significant however anything with this name attached is worthy of scrutiny.  

Financed and manufactured by Reynolds and Kite in Cincinnati that also made sewing machines. (sewing machines were another World Fair project commercializing and centralizing the labor force) Hussey also worked with future international corporation star and eugenicist William Proctor, of Proctor and Gamble. The story says they made candles together before they each went multinational independently, what’re the chances. I say it’s more likely Cincinnati is a spook hub. Not only did they make candles together, I doubt that’s even true, but the article specifies tallow candles. That’s whale blubber. This is a sneaky shout-out to Hussey’s Nantucket whaling roots. It is not mentioned on purpose but little breadcrumbs like this are inserted everywhere if you have eyes to see. The Proctors were also involved with Agricultural Military Industrial Complex and had been settling the fertile Ohio Valley since the Colonial era, pointing to James Toyne Proctor, whose contribution to the war machine includes inventing a type of cannon utilized in the Franco-German (Prussian) war. 

Hussy would win a court case against McCormick for patent infringement and McCormick is said to have paid the fine. Hussey would end up selling all patents to McCormick in 1858. The legalese proceedings were a sham. McCormick admitted his design was junk and the machines in the field tests didn’t even match the patent application; whether it was pushed or pulled by the workhorse and walk-aside or seated operator. These differences could still be considered trivial except for the cutting implement. No significant changes were made to Hussey’s original design for decades. It was clear the resulting decision was based off aristocratic hierarchy instead of the device. Cyrus just had a bluer bloodline. As far as public opinion and popular demand Hussey was the victor. So why did he sell out in the end? 

The field trial of 1833 Hussey’s reaper exceeded expectations of the Hamilton County Agricultural Society. As signed by witnesses Mayhew, Wallace, Sebring, White, Coffin, Coffin, Paddock, Coffin and Folger. Not just a single Coffin as reported by the Mechanics Magazine but the entire Nantucket crew, this may as well be a family reunion of the original 8 purchasers of the Island and provides a crystal-clear example of how the families stay in power and prop each other up. The fact that Cyrus came out on top provides farther evidence to his pedigree, only the blood of kings can override this list of support. 

After McCormick won the gold medal at the Crystal Palace Obed accused sabotage and demanded a rematch. While sending his own trained engineer to perform Obed had to use ‘lower class laborers’, plus, the machine itself wasn’t put together correctly and used in less-than-ideal conditions. After a demonstration where Hussey supervised the machine with qualified engineers, the evidence spoke for itself. 

Now the McCormick agents respond with a public contest open to all challengers. Ooh it’s like sudden death match time. This is all happening in England, fake beef to get the attn of Europe. American superiority complex and braggadocio, Europe had reaper trials going back farther than America. British media even pointed out the Americans battling each other on British soil. The end result was 19 out of 20 were in favor of Hussey’s machine. 

This was a big production number and even the royalty got involved. Prince Albert bought two of Hussey’s machines. How much better publicity can someone generate for this. Its reading like a Wrestlemania script. The cheating and the come-back underdog story, the celebrity recognition; all this on top of the hype of the fair itself. The people are on the edge of their seats. Remember this is the buildup to a paradigm shift in the world culture, now its technologically possible for commercial farms, this leads to centralization and ultimately controlling the world food supply. The WF presents a stage for the international community. Its claims these are promoting state of the art futuristic tech as the savior to humanity but really, they are erasing the old system and all traces of the pre-reset world. 

In 1856 at age 64 Hussey married 24 yo Nantucket native E. Starbuck and had 2 children. He also maintained a good relationship with the Quaker church. In the end he sold all patent rights to McCormick, the man who he had just spent decades competing with from field trials to court rooms. History says his sales were slipping to the point in 1858 he was forced to sell. I don’t believe that for one second. He won, had proven to have a superior product on a world stage, he had royal hype-men. Then to top it off he married a Starbuck 40 years his junior and had children. So you can appreciate my skepticism when he sells everything. The panic of 57’ is also used as justification, just in case you weren’t sure already, any time there is a ‘panic’ or ‘crisis’ it is always manufactured by the Resetters. These people print the money they don’t use it like the rest of the population, it is worthless except for the control aspect. (*See the SS Central America, bank shipment of gold lost in hurricane, Panic of 57 was public gold-grab and to get off gold standard and to lead into the civil war)  

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