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Its All Fake. This is the website I will be posting from from now on, its the only link you ever need again

The Great Reset already happened and the centralized control grid has already been installed and in a continuous stated of refinement since 1800. There was a paradigm change and the bad guys won. Sorry thats just what it is.Some thing that you have to admit to yourself the sooner the better is everything some kind of psychological warfare operation. There is not a single event or person that is legit as the narrative says. Not one thing. Its not that hard to see once you drop a few mental barriers. Take the links, trace everything backwards to the beginning. Its not that long ago. The dark ages are cover for the Reset. All wars are proxy wars and cover for the Reset.

Ive got hundreds of pages of original material to sift through, Helen Keller farce and the history of disabled education, mudflood and Great Reset, development of the birth control pill was Reset eugenics project , Industrial revolution: a string of psychological warfare false flags to organize the world labor force, World Fair, Centralization of the worlds food supply especially the development of the Combine Reaper, Colonial America is a lie, Fake Indians/Feral class Reset survivors… its enough to fill a book on each thread and pages and pages of stand alone information. Its taking forever to organize, I might just have to post what I have and it’ll work itself out. Right now its more like 250 pages of cliff notes.

Helen Keller was my entry point. She is no different than any other gatekeepers out there. The saying “Oh too many people would have to be in on it.” Its true in one sense. Every person in her story is in on it. she met six sitting presidents and every one of them helped. There is a hidden class warfare. 4 classes are Resetter, Inheritor, Orphan/Immigrant, and Feral/Squatter. The ferals are about extinct and are used mainly in a historical context. They were they survivors of the Reset event and live in stone age conditions until the Big Dig and repopulations. I think some of the wars against the ferals are written up as hostile Indians but for the most part Indians were made up by some crazy French Aristocrat. The Orphan/Immigrant make up 99% of the population, They have no clue anything is going on around them and worship democracy and follow the war in Ukranie and stand in line to vote. The only difference between the Resetter and the Inheritors are the Inheritors dont know what is going on around them either. They really believe their family fought in the Revolutionary War or that they got that promotion bc his dads buddy hooked him up. The Resetters are the ones that built the whole freakshow. They know exactly about the federal reserve and history and science books. The reset class are the people in charge that built the system that we see all around us people think it is failing but it was designed to do exactly what it is.

This is a bookmark file of some of the links I used to find my information. Sorry theres not much organization. Thats the problem. How to make the information available to the seeker. If I knew when I started how big this project was going to be I wouldve started embedding links as I went. None Im trying to convert all my files from word doc to wordpress and embed the link as I review. this is just not feasible. From here on I will embed as I go and skip word doc altogether. The stuff I have needs to be updated anyway so some will make it. Anything you read you want to contest or see my sources just ask. the list is pretty well grouped together to match the content in the site.

Really Im just happy to have found a way to move my bookmark files around, I got a post somewhere here that explains how I found an easy way to share bookmark files. hopefully I can go down the list and make annotations when i have time. Each one has an important point but some are just a well-rounded ‘common knowledge’ sources. Yeah the project got bigger than i expected, so far im up to 488 bookmarked links and still going. Even though the files were all saved within the last year and a half several have already started showing up as 404 links or suspended accounts. There is no fucking way Im going back through all this so I suggest if youre really determined to see an article like this just try the wayback machine

THE COMMERICAL EXPLOITATION OF HENRIETTA LACKS: MK ULTRA & REVISION OF U.S. HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTATION HISTORY | In Search of Black AssassinsMaking .Masonic Hidden Hand Sign – Illuminati SymbolsThe Forgotten Chapter in Bill W.’s Struggle with Addiction – Brainspark Health | NAD IV Therapy | Addiction Treatment Center | Plymouth Meeting, PA ORTHOMOLECULAR PARADIGM: ABRAHAM HOFFER FALLECIÓ EL 27 DE MAYO DEL 2009, DESCANSE EN PAZ.From Cybernetics to Littleton: Techniques of Mind ControlEncounter: Helen Keller Touches Mark Twain’s HeartPlay[ing] her part correctly’: Helen Keller as Vaudevillian Freak | Crutchfield | Disability Studies QuarterlyThe Helen Keller Myth | The RebuttalHow Helen Keller Learned to Write | The New YorkerNutmegger March 2021 Vol.53 #3 The Search for Anne Sullivans sister Mary.pdfTewksbury Hospital Death RecordsJames Joseph McLaughlin (1876–1962) • FamilySearchSister Mary Josephine McLaughlin (1865-1941) – Find A Grave MemorialMary Elizabeth McLaughlin (1896-1974) – Find A Grave MemorialThe Virginia County Committees of Safety, 1774-1776 on JSTORdisability history museum–About TewksburyState Almshouse at TewksburyThe Midnight Freemasons: The Bizarre Final Days Of President James GarfieldAlmshouses, Asylums and State Hospitals | Paulding ~ HartThe almshouse was less than charitable | Tewksbury Town Crier | homenewshere.comThomas Jefferson Marsh (1805-1888) – Find A Grave MemorialThe Poorhouses of Massachusetts: A Cultural and Architectural History – Heli Meltsner – Google BooksIsaac H Meserve – Death – Newspapers.comArgument before the Tewksbury Investigation Committee : Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveState Almshouse at Tewksbury| Illuminati News | Phi Beta Kappa and the Masonic Hierarchymhp: Final Warning — The Illuminati in AmericaUnited States | Sisters of Charity of OttawaQuotes by Ralph Waldo EmersonAnnie Sullivan Escapes the Poorhouse (But Not the Stigma of Being Poor and Irish) – New England Historical SocietyOff Campus: True story clashes with today’s image of ‘The Miracle Worker’ – Portland Press HeraldHelen Keller Newspaper Notices : Unknown : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveThe Frost King incident | Perkins School for the BlindH-Net ReviewsLane’s Masonic Records 1717-1894Francis Marion as an Intelligence Officer on JSTORBattle Hymn of the Republic – Sermon WriterPolice Report on Opus Dei: Habsburg, Bourbon, CIA, Cercle PinayEncyclopedia Brunoniana | Howe, Samuel GridleyWars of the Hapsburg Empire (Austria-Hungary) from 1815 to 1918Giuseppe Garibaldi – Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of New YorkFiliki Eteria – WikipediaThe Battle Behind The Battle Hymn of the Republic – New England Historical SocietyThe Miracle WorkerBell, Alexander Graham – Connections – Eugenics ArchivesHelen Keller Project.docx – Microsoft Word OnlineBefore ASL, Martha’s Vineyard Had Its Own Sign Language – The AtlanticLocalism and State Control in Horace Mann’s Reform of the Common Schools on JSTORThe Historical Work of Cultural Rhetorics: Constellating Indigenous, Deaf, and English-Only Literacies – constellationsdisability history museum–“Instruction Of Idiots”An Era of Romantic Friendships: Sumner, Longfellow, and Howe (U.S. National Park Service)Masonry’s Public Education Agenda, by Paul FisherTemple of Man: Freemasonry, Civil Religion, and Education – Conspiracy ArchiveForced Government Schooling – The Prussian model – The Prussian modelForced Government SchoolingBoston History Blog from 1768 to 2004 – HISTORICAL WALKING TOURS | BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTSdisability history museum–How Helen Keller Learned To SpeakSamuel Man – WikipediaRev. Samuel Mann, Sr. (1647 – 1719) – GenealogyFull text of “John Taylor Gatto The Underground History Of American Education Book”Masonry’s Public Education Agenda, by Paul FisherUnder The Sign of The Scorpion – 02OrgoKnight Rods | orgoknightsWords Made Fleshdisability history museum–How Helen Keller Learned To SpeakLt. Thomas Fuller (1618 – 1690) – GenealogyInventor and Oppressor: Alexander Graham Bell, Eugenics, and the Deaf Community | crg@cgpdisability history museum–Review Of Horace Mann’s Seventh Annual Report1944–1956: Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT – Alliance for Human Research ProtectionCromwell, Charles II and the Jews on JSTORHarvard is Built on Slavery | Opinion | The Harvard CrimsonSamuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain, Was A Jew | Whites Will Win!The Eternal Quaker | National VanguardPURITANS WERE MORE JEWISH THAN PROTESTANTS(21) (DOC) The Americas Were and Still Turkic Mongolian Jewish Projects | Tarig Anter – Academia.eduLucretia Hubbard (1770-1775) – Find A Grave MemorialJoanna Perkins Hubbard Gillette (1818-1862) – Find A Grave MemorialHUBBARD FamilyAncestry of Henry Huttleston Rogers of Fairhaven Massachusetts | Access GenealogyThe Friendship of Helen Keller and Mark Twain on JSTORDaniel Coit Gilman – WikipediaA day with Helen Keller: Her happiest moments – Perkins School for the BlindThe Wright-Chamberlin genealogy from emigrant ancestors to present generations, | Library of CongressManuscripts – Gallaudet UniversityYsabel Wright – WikipediaBill of Exchange for $363.30 | RICurrency.commarsha schuchard – Academia.eduJohn and Anne Marry | American Foundation for the BlindThe Rituals of Emanuel: Secrets of the Swedenborgian CultFlying monkeys (popular psychology) – WikipediaThe Rituals of Emanuel: Secrets of the Swedenborgian CultOil and Bone: Whale Consumption in the Lives of Plymouth Colonists – Commonplace – The Journal of early American LifeMourt’s Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, 1622, Part IQuakers and Whalingbasque whaligQuakers Outlawed in PlymouthHISTORY OF THE BIARRITZ BASQUES, AND COMMRECIAL WHALING | AA Convention BiarritzThe Basque Whaling Establishments in Labrador 4536-1632 – A SummaryThe silencing of Helen KellerTo Spitsbergen and Back: Four Centuries of Dutch Whaling – the low countriesIndian Whalers on Long Island, 1669-1746Zachariah Paddock (1664 – 1717) – GenealogyNathaniel Philbrick Famous Kin (54515)Macy’s Seven Deadly Sins: Mass Mind-Control Strategies & Symbolism – Richard CassaroOliver Macy Obituary – Newspapers.com great railroad conspiracy; the social history of a railroad war : Hirschfeld, Charles, 1913- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveAangirfan: JEWISH PLOT TO CONTROL UKThe Jews and the British Empire.pdfThe wealth of the Rothschilds come from slave trade and colonialism? – Revelations,paranormal,complots!Hohenzollern and Orange familyA history of banking – Slavery by debt, laws and treatiesAnusim – WikipediaWho are the Black Nobility? – Prepare For ChangeTHE FIFTY FOUNDERS OF PHI BETA KAPPA on JSTORExtended Bio on John 2 Parmele – Genealogy.comLegal Case: Plaine Executed, New Haven, 1646 · Colonial America: The Age of Sodomitical Sin · OutHistory: It’s About TimeRoyal Mandate for the Release of the Quakers (1661)The Friendship of Helen Keller and John Greenleaf Whittier | WHAVHelen Keller,Eyes Deaf and Blind Spokesperson and ActivistYOUTH’S COMPANION & THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Francis Bellamy, Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward & the American Salute, Nathaniel Wills, Asa Rand. By Dr. R. Curry. American Boy Magazine, Swastikas. Julian West, James Upham, Youths Companion, Nationalism, Socialist Revolution, Theosophical, Theosophy, BlavatskyMasonic Articles | Brother Francis BellamyCaptain and Brevet Lieutenant Colonel George T. Balch, Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame Inductee 2001, U.S. Army Ordnance CorpsJohn Balch (1579 – 1648) – GenealogyAccomplished Quaker (ship) – WikipediaJohn Macy (April 10, 1877 — August 26, 1932), American literary critic, author, poet | World Biographical EncyclopediaDictionary of Virginia Biography – Virginia Randolph Ellett BiographyMaria MontessoriAjit Vadakayil: DIRTY SECRETS OF BOSTON TEA PARTY — CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL“Strike at Little Falls”: Fighting for Labor Rights in the Era of Industrialization – Industrialization in Little Falls, New York, 1790-1960Why the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Makes for a Complicated History | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian MagazineThe Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Trial: An Account1910 Newark Factory FireL. C. Payseur owned nine tenths of all of the preferred share issued of each of these companies forty fiveNewark, NJ Fire, Nov 1910 | GenDisasters … Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods Page 11910 Newark Factory FireNewark, NJ Fire, Nov 1910 | GenDisasters … Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods Page 1James G. Alden (1862-1935) – Find A Grave MemorialMary A. Rich Alden (1864-1923) – Find A Grave MemorialJEWISH (YIDDISH) LANGUAGE FEDERATIONS historyHayasa Ashkharh. The Jewish Roots of Socialism:Helen Keller – Why I became an IWW | Industrial Workers of the WorldThe daily Gate City (Keokuk, Iowa), 1913-05-21, [p ].The Strikers and their Allies and Adversaries | DPLAlawrence strikeJohn Ramey – WE NEVER FORGETThe Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, August 31, 1912, LAST EDITION, Image 1 « Chronicling America « Library of CongressLawrence Textile Strike of 1912bread and roses OG poemRebel Girls and Union Maids: The Woman Question in theList of mayors of Lawrence, Massachusetts – WikipediaWilliam P. White (mayor) – WikipediaArturo GiovannittiMargaret Sanger and the Children of the 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike | Margaret Sanger Papers ProjectThe Autonomous Industrial Colony “Kuzbass” | The Anarchist LibraryThe Trial of William “Big Bill” Haywood: An AccountDescendants of Richard Higgins, Maine at Higgins GenealogyRichard Higgins (c.1609 – 1675) – GenealogyDisability and Euthanasia: The case of Helen Keller and the BollingeHelen Keller, Baby Bollinger, and the Black Stork | by Christina Dalcher | History of Yesterday1. BABY BOLLINGERCulling the Herd: Eugenics, Depopulation & the Extermination of Lower Classes – New Dawn: The World’s Most Unusual MagazineHelen Keller: Physicians Juries for Defective Babies, Article in the New Republic, 1915 | Eugenics and Other EvilsJohn S. Sumner, Foe of Vice, Dies – The New York TimesThe moral crusader behind some of our most draconian, patriarchal laws – The Washington PostMine Eyes Have Seen The Glory | First Parish of SudburyNew York Times.: Anthony Comstock Dies in His Crusade.DISORDER IN COURT AS SANGER IS FINED; Justices Order Room Cleared When Socialists and Anarchists Hoot Verdict. DEFENDS BIRTH CONTROL Prisoner Accuses Comstock of Violating the Law and Goes to Jail Rather Than Pay. – The New York TimesThe Margaret Sanger Papers ProjectMorris Hillquit – WikipediaAbout | William SangerTimeline | William SangerJailed for birth control [microform]; the trial of William Sanger, September 10, 1915 : Sanger, William : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveThe Historic Woodstock Art Colony – The Arthur A. Anderson CollectionWilna Hervey, Actress & Artist – Betzwood Film ArchiveWOODSTOCK ARRANGES MAVERICK FESTIVAL – The New York TimesMargaret Sanger: A Biography (+Links to Her Books Online)Cervical Caps and Diaphragms – Dittrick Medical History CenterThe Bitter Pill: Harvard and the Dark History of Birth Control | Magazine | The Harvard CrimsonSimon Oscar Pollock (born March 28, 1868), Russian lawyer | World Biographical EncyclopediaThe Flexner Report ― 100 Years LaterThe Rockefeller-Carnegie Big Pharma Scam – The Killing of Natural Medicineflexner polio experimentFlexner’s Polio Paper (1910) – ViroLIEgyFaneuil Hall, the Underground Railroad, and the Boston Vigilance Committees (U.S. National Park Service)Samuel Gridley Howe (U.S. National Park Service)“Porto Ricochet”: Joking about Germs, Cancer, and Race Extermination in the 1930s – [PDF Document]How To Change Paradigm – Rockefeller FamilyCapitalism’s Perversion of Science and Medicine | The Silent WarThe Fight on the Securities Act – The AtlanticThe Drug Story by Morris BealleGregory Goodwin Pincus – BiographyHochstadt v. Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology – Wikisource, the free online libraryHochstadt v. Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology/Opinion of the Court – Wikisource, the free online libraryBirth Control’s Misremembered History – Hormones MatterBirth Control’s Misremembered History – Hormones MatterDorothea Dix and her efforts to reform Prison and Insane Asylums – StMU Research ScholarsMary Carson Breckinridge – Nursing TheoryCarl Djerassi, The Maxwell Family and EugenicsBirth Control’s Misremembered History – Hormones Matter1928: The Santa Marta MassacreThe female scientist who changed human fertility forever – BBC FutureM.C. Chang: A Pioneer of Mammalian In Vitro Fertilization – Yanagimachi – 2016 – Molecular Reproduction and Development – Wiley Online LibraryADRENAL CORTEX FUNCTION IN STRESS – Pincus – 1949 – Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – Wiley Online LibraryDrugs, Sex, Cybernetics, and the Josiah Macy, Jr. FoundationMKULTRA DOC_0000017481 : Central Intelligence Agency : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveButler Hospital – WikipediaThe Macy Conferences:The Minds behind Mind Control50 Years of the Pill References Database hoaglandReproductive Rights and the State: Getting the Birth Control, RU-486, and … – Melissa Haussman – Google BooksBetting with lives: Clarence Gamble and the Pathfinder International – PRIA History of Clinical Trials and Public Mistrust — Citizen Ph.D.Oregon Trail Diaries – OCTA howe dixdisability history museum–Memorial To The Legislature of Massachusettsdorothea dixSt. Elizabeths Hospital (U.S. National Park Service)Diseases of the Mind: Highlights of American Psychiatry through 1900 – The 1840s: Early Professional Institutions & Lay ActivismEdward Dix (c.1616 – 1660) – GenealogyCapt. Joseph Bigelow, Sr., Rev. War Financier (1703 – 1783) – GenealogyBigelow Family SiteD.C. celebrates building opening at St. ElizabethsDorothea Lynde Dix – Asylum ProjectsSamuel Gridley Howe – The Graves of Frederick DouglassDorothea DixFREEMASONS IN THE CHURCH – Pope Pius IX was a FreemasonMKULTRA DOC_0000017486 : Central Intelligence Agency : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveThe Haymarket Riot and the Origins of May Day | Dissident VoiceJack Parsons and the Occult Roots of JPL –Lucy Parsons: labor activist, writer and revolutionary | Liberation NewsLucy Parsons : IWW Founder, Anarchist Activist, and Labor OrganizerMary Bliss Parsons, the Witch of Northampton — Karen Vorbeck WilliamsParsons Families 1576 – 2012The Haymarket Affair and the Origins of May DayForest Home Cemetery: Socialist SectionThe Great Railroad Strike of 1877 – Socialist RevolutionJames-Callahan.pdf workingmens partyLOBOTOMASS SEI, searle, monsantoWorkingmen’s Party (Socialist Labor Party) Holds Mass Meeting, Albert Parsons Addresses 12,000 – Newspapers.comCredit Mobilier Scandal | Summary, Significance, & Facts | BritannicaAlbert Parsons: Anarchist and Labor Martyr in His Own WordsKarl Marx Was Rothschilds’ Third Cousin | Justice4Poland.comToday’s World: The Workingmen’s Party,Albert Parsons and the Eight-Hour Workdayplat1877.pdfThe Labor agitators, or, The battle for bread — Calisphere140 years ago, San Francisco was set ablaze during the city’s deadliest race riotsDefense_Allan_Pinkerton.pdfMolly MaguireThe Battle That Chicago Forgot – Chicago MagazineView of The Pittsburgh Working Men’s Party | Western Pennsylvania History: 1918 – 2018Karl Marx: Founding Father of the Jewish Left?   – The Occidental ObserverReenactment of “Battle of Halsted Viaduct” Fun & Outlandish! – Steampunk Chicago: Be Refined.La Follette Civil Liberties Committee Hearings | Encyclopedia.commyron faganThe Rothschild Bloodline: One of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World – The Fractalier’s Web LogSOCIALIST LABOR PARTY OF AMERICA (1876-1946) history1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry RegimentSangamo Journal / Illinois State Journal 21 December 1858 — Illinois Digital Newspaper CollectionsMeet the Sugar Barons Who Used Both Sides of American Politics to Get Billions in Subsidies – ProMarketRoadmap to the Project: Experiments ListMargaret Sanger (FBI) • MuckRockLucy Parsons: Woman of Will | Industrial Workers of the World1953–1957: Uranium, boron neutron experimental injections at MGH – Alliance for Human Research ProtectionWhy the Death of the Guy Who was not Behind 9/11 Was Announced on May 1st | The Vigilant CitizenMat Rodina: Modern Abortion, the Demonic Worship of Baal-Moloch Writ LargeNewark, NJ Factory Fire Disaster, Nov 1910 Roy DavidsonNewark | Jewish Currents bamberger ins adv studyBulletin6.pdf institute advanced study1933: The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Scholars | HoeberBamberger RailroadWilliam Deering Plant — chicagologyStory of Harvester, Which Made Plano Famous – Kendall County IL GenealogyJohn Francis Appleby | Wisconsin Historical SocietyJohn Appleby (May 23, 1840 — January 8, 1917), American inventor | World Biographical EncyclopediaGlimpse of History: A retail giant’s South Orange estate – nj.comAsa Bushnell – Ohio History CentralInternational Harvester Co. of America v. Kentucky, 234 U.S. 579, 34 S. Ct. 944, 58 L. Ed. 1479, 1914 U.S. LEXIS 1109 – CourtListener.comHistory of the National FFA OrganizationMilestones, Mar. 21, 1938 – TIMERich, Famous, and Questionably Sane | National ArchivesFrances Perkins Biography, Life, Interesting FactsSocial Security HistorySocial Welfare History Project Perkins, Frances: The Roosevelt YearsThe Exceedingly Strange Case of the McCormick Sex Machine – Chicago ReaderKatharine Dexter McCormick: Fierce Feminist and Secret Smuggler |Katharine Dexter McCormick: Fierce Feminist and Secret Smuggler |Anne Morgan’s War: Rebuilding Devastated France, 1917–1924 | The Morgan Library & MuseumPhony War The Voice of Anne Morgan | | The Morgan Library & Museum Online ExhibitionsNewfoundland’s Cottage Hospital System. – Brave SearchLabor Pangs: The Birth of a New Profession – The Ultimate History ProjectThe Forgotten Frontier: Nursing Done in Wild Places – Circulating Now from NLMDigital Collections – National Library of Medicine“A Cage of Ovulating Females” : Mary Breckinridge and the Politics of Contraception in Rural AppalachiaBelcher History: Founding, Timeline, and MilestonesHistory of the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, ArkansasKirkbride Buildings – Historic Insane Asylums[St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae]Full text of “Breckie, his four years, 1914-1918”A Perfect “Cage of Ovulating Females”: Birth Control and the Frontier Nursing Service – Frontier History – Frontier Digital DepotInterview with John Rock, June 15, 1979 · SPOKEdbTimesMachine: October 19, 1904 – NYTimes.comStudents with deafblindness at the Perkins School for the Blind collection – Perkins School for the BlindWilliam James and the Occult: Download a Free PDF of my Oxford Handbook Chapter, “James and Psychical Research in Context” – Forbidden HistoriesWas Mark Twain a Satanic Pedophile?Sullivan, Lottie | Gallaudet University Library Guide to Deaf Biographies and Index to Deaf PeriodicalsavisEdit Page ‹ Miles Mathis Watchdog — WordPress.comRichard Ryan Thompson (born January 23, 1878) | World Biographical EncyclopediaSophonisba Breckinridge – New World EncyclopediaHelen and the World’s Fair Reading ActivityGEORGE KELLER JOHN KELLER.pdfHelen Keller Famous Kin (9380)Hans Conrad Keller (1705-1777) | WikiTree FREE Family TreeSumner comstock ferenhiet 451 and publisher agentagentTimesMachine: August 3, 1906 – NYTimes.comThe Barnum Museum – Suppression of ViceThe Keller family pagesewing machine, world fairA_trans_national_machine_on_the_world_st.pdfSewing Machines and the World’s Fair – Graphic ArtsThe Invention of the Sewing Machine by Grace Rogers Cooper – FiddlebaseMaverick Musicians Portraits | New York Heritage#7 – The Birth Control Review. v.1-3 (1917-19). – Full View | HathiTrust Digital LibraryThe Truth about the Paterson Strike | Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (1914)obed husseyTHE HUSSEY FAMILYHussey  – Scraps of Family HistoryMeghan Markle’s Ancestor Is One of the Founders of NantucketMacy’s famous red star has Nantucket rootsThomas Dexter (abt.1588-bef.1677) | WikiTree FREE Family TreeThe 1871 Whaling Disaster: 33 Ships Crushed by Arctic Ice – New England Historical SocietyWhaling Disaster of 1871Whaling Disaster of 1871 – WikipediaPrince Harry and jewess Meghan Markle Have Permission to Get Married At Westminster Abbey | Vanity Fair#324 – pg 306 Mechanics’ magazine, and journal of the Mechanics’ … v.3 (1834). – Full View | HathiTrust Digital LibraryThis eugenicist started coerced sterilization in North Carolina… and was awarded by Planned Parenthood33rd congress pratt The Congressional Globe – United States. Congress – Google BooksObed Hussey multiple death records(1792-1860) | WikiTree FREE Family TreeEyewitness account of fatal accident – Newspapers.comDescription, to make James Ten Eyck’s patent reaping, cutting and gathering machine, is as followsThe social and industrial history of Scotland, from the Union to the present timeSpecial:MemberUsers graces reaper newspperThe development of reaping machines in the nineteenth century – Scottish agricultural implement makersSpecial:MemberUsers engineerThe evolution of reaping machines : Miller, Merritt Finley. [from old catalog] : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archivedisability history museum–Helen Keller’s Big AudienceNos. 60-64, Charing Cross and Nos. 3, 5, 7 and 9, Spring Gardens | British History OnlineThe Ralahine Horse Reaping Machine on JSTORThe Ralahine Horse Reaping Machine on JSTORThe Luddites 1811-1816Plug Riots and Chartists, Preston – Lancashire PastThe Highland Society of LondonPreston Martyrs Memorial – Preston, England – Atlas ObscuraBossenden Wood The Swing Riots | The Age of Revolution, 1775-1848Hole In The Wall Passage And The Cato Street Conspiracy – A London InheritanceThe Tolpuddle martyrs, 1834 | libcom.orgfull_history.pdf caldonia societyRoyal Caledonian AsylumTolpuddle Martyrs (act. 1834–c. 1845) | Oxford Dictionary of National BiographyBritish Executions – Richard Lewis – 18311831: Merthyr Tydfil uprising | libcom.org1831: the Merthyr Rising and Dic Penderyn | libcom.org1830 Agricultural “Swing” RiotsJames Toyne Proctor – Graces Guide1851 Great Exhibition – Graces GuideEdward M Harnett (1598 – 1658) – GenealogyThe Dinosaur Court at Crystal Palace ParkCatalogue of the first annual exhibition by the Milwaukee Industrial Exposition Association of American manufactures, inventions, arts, and industrial products – Turning Points in Wisconsin History – Wisconsin Historical Society Online Collectionshoffman Catalogue of the first annual exhibition by the Milwaukee Industrial Exposition Association of American manufactures, inventions, arts, and industrial products – Turning Points in Wisconsin History – Wisconsin Historical Society Online CollectionsCarmyllie heritage societyGenerator – History of Gallic ReaperPatrick Bell – Auchterhouse Community(81) Stained Glassworlds: Stained Glass at the International Exhibitions 1851-1900 | Jasmine Allen – Academia.eduOn this day in Scotland: The Reverend Patrick BellList of world’s fairs – Wikipedia1hobart1830s.jpg (1482×1500)List of multiple killings of Aborigines in Tasmania: 1804-1835 | Sciences Po Violence de masse et Résistance – Réseau de recherchetasmanian-antarctic-gateway-strategy.pdfWhat’s in a name? Denmark, Scotland, London… – Caledonian Park‘bread and roses’: meaning and origin – word historiesAbout Helen M. Todd: American suffragist and workers’ rights activist (1870 – 1953) | Biography, Facts, Career, LifeAbout Samuel Untermyer: American lawyer and politician (1858 – 1940) | Biography, Bibliography, Facts, Career, LifeAbout Otto Hermann Kahn: American banker (1867 – 1934) | Biography, Facts, Career, LifeBread and Rosesmeaning and origin of the phrase ‘bread and circuses’ – word historiesThe Khodynka tragedy: A coronation ruined by a stampede – Russia BeyondDzhunkovsky V.F. khodyncacoronation picsThe Year Thanksgiving Changed to a New Date: Franksgiving — History is Now Magazine, Podcasts, Blog and Books | Modern International and American historyFDR’s Failed Thanksgiving Experiment: Benefiting Big Business, Dividing a Country – Neighborhood Effects J.L. Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Vacation Footage (c. 1924) – YouTubeGone but not forgotten, a time when Thanksgiving Day parades graced Newark – The History of Massey Hall – YouTubeThe puppeteer who brought balloons to the Thanksgiving Day Parade | Smithsonian TweenTribuneThe Puppeteer Who Brought Balloons to the Thanksgiving Day Parade | Arts & Culture| Smithsonian MagazineThomas Holden | World Encyclopedia of Puppetry ArtsFriends of Classics Reviews: Beard: THE ROMAN TRIUMPHTravels Through Greco-Roman Antiquity :: The Roman TriumphErowid LSD (Acid) Vault : Blotter Art ExamplesFelix the Cat as Modern Trickster on JSTORgeorge-loveless-diary-1831-to-1837.pdfHenry Wade – WikipediaHow Henry Wade, DA of Dallas, ran afoul of the FBI and CIA > JFK FactsHOOVER VS. HENRY WADENelson Surname Meaning, History & Origin | Select SurnamesDifference between jehovah witness and catholicPriests For Life – | Extreme. Toxic. Out of Touch.PRIESTS FOR LIFE – Form 990 for period ending Dec 2015 – Nonprofit Explorer – ProPublicaSerge Voronoff – WikipediaAmerican Rhetoric: Sarah Weddington and Jay Floyd — Roe v. Wade USSC Oral ArgumentsHerbert Doyle Ragle (1918-2006) – Find a Grave Memorialbananas and telephones Philadelphia Centennial Exposition 1876 Introduced Everything From Bananas To TelephonesThe history of Lonesome Dove | News | starlocalmedia.comCarl Djerassi | Science History InstituteNorma McCorvey, plaintiff in Roe ruling who later became pro-life, dies – Georgia Bulletin – Georgia Bulletin346319823_Sickle_Scythe_and_Reaping_Machine.pdfSchool has 140 years of teaching deaf, blind students | Lifestyle | gazette.comAlexander Melville Bell – WikipediaCollection: Association of American Geologists and Naturalists papers | ArchivesSpace Public Interfacekeller 39 world fairTimesMachine: November 1, 1939 – NYTimes.comOn this day: Helen Keller Day at the PPIE – Panama-Pacific International ExpositionSAILING TO BYZANTIUM: 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition – FoundSFPanama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 – family photo memoriesdisability history museum–Helen Keller’s Visit To The World’s FairTimesMachine: June 30, 1939 – NYTimes.com1952 Helen Keller Comes to Paris to Honor Louis Braille – YouTubeSocial Welfare History Project Keller, HelenGeorge Veditz – Gallaudet University10 Nov 1904, Page 6 – The Weekly Gazette at Newspapers.comVolume1928_0031.jpg – Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of ScotlandAlexander Graham Bell – The Tetrahedral Principle in Kite Structure – Becoming BorealisPlymouth Colony Division of Cattle, 1627Stephen Hopkinsmanual school orphans Image 1 of An act to incorporate Washington’s manual labor school and male orphan asylum society of the District of Columbia … Approved June 13, 1842. For carrying the foregoing into effect, by the establishing of the school anticipated, a work has been | Library of Congress“The Columbian Exposition Normal School Scrapbook, 1893” by Rhode Island State Normal SchoolHistory & Cogswell Heritage House American School for the DeafAllan Pinkerton (1819-1884) | National Records of ScotlandEDUCATION OF THE DEAF AND DUMB IN CANADA on JSTORDeaf Culture | The Canadian EncyclopediaThomas Gallaudet and the Identity of Deaf Culture | Books, Health and HistoryNotable Residents – Cedar Hill Cemetery FoundationWhat was the Great Swamp Fight (1675)? – Boot Camp & Military Fitness InstituteGymnasium – World History EncyclopediaThe History of Lawrence Academy at Groton: 1792 to 1992 by Lawrence Academy – IssuuAmos KendallLibrary of Congress LCCN Permalink n50006323The New York School for the Deaf Celebrates Its BicentennialGuide to the New York World’s Fair 1939 and 1940 Incorporated recordsWatchmen of the New Jerusalem: Jedidiah Morse, the Bavarian Illuminati and the refashioning of the jeremiad tradition in New EnglandPlanned Parenthood in 1952: “Abortion Kills Life” – The New AmericanBring Native American Mounds Back to Forest Park: a Rally STL Submission – NextSTLThe Chachapoyas | GenetikerMounds of Evidence for European Settlements in America Before ColumbusGeronimo – At the World’s Fair – Chapter 19“A Very Kind and Peaceful People”: Geronimo and the World’s Fair – @samplerealityGeronimo Steals the Show – True West MagazineHarriman The Congress of American Aborigines at the Omaha ExpositionWhat We Can Learn From Early American Conspiracy Theories | TimeA Report to the Secretary of War of the United States on Indian Affairs1824 American Revolution Annals Jedidiah Morse INDIAN WARS Battle Illustrated | Schilb AntiquarianTHE PHILADELPHIA AURORA, THE NEW ENGLAND ILLUMINATI, AND THE ELECTION OF 1800 BY ALAN V. BRICELAND; THE PENNSYLVANIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY (1976) – Therabbithole.wikiWestern Telegraph Company v. Magnetic Telegraph Company, 62 U.S. 456, 16 L. Ed. 189, 21 How. 456, 1858 U.S. LEXIS 670 – CourtListener.comA Monument to Charles MinotBiography of Samuel F.B. MorseHISTORY OF THE NEW YORK INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB on JSTORnew york institue for deaf and dumb80232315.pdfThe Rise and Fall of the First American Patent Thicket: The Sewing Machine War of the 1850s | Adam Mossoff – Professor of LawAmerica’s First Patent Thicket: Sewing Machine War of the 1850s – | Patents & Patent LawCharles Barbier: A hidden story | Disability Studies QuarterlyTo George Washington from Charles Barbier de La Serre, 5 Novem …Braille – New World EncyclopediaFull text of “Historical note on the philanthropic society of Paris founded in 1780 by Mr. Savalette de Langes, de Tavannes, … doctor JF Payen”History of the American Association of Instructors of the Blind, 1908| American Foundation for the BlindWar of the Dots – History of Writing Codes for the Blind – The New York Institute For Special EducationPanthéon Club – Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge coreEncounter: Helen Keller Touches Mark Twain’s Heart | HistoryNetHelen Keller and 9/11 | Weekly ViewTHE ORIGIN OF DEAF-MUTE INSTRUCTION AT ZURICH, SWITZERLAND on JSTORHow The Momentum In Law Firm, Association Leasing Is ShiftingIgnaz Thomas ScherrPortal: Thurgau – WikipediaJohann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827)Ignaz Thomas Scherr – WikiwandSearch – Home – Central Criminal CourtThe Philanthropic Society – HistorianRuby: An Historian’s MiscellanyMartin Luther King, Jr. Day Should Be Ended – The Occidental ObserverHeinrich Keller (pedagogue)Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Should Be Ended – The Occidental ObserverLA ROCHEFOUCAULT-LIANCOURT, François, Duke of… (1747-1827), agronomist – napoleon.orgCouvent des Célestins de Paris (disappeared) – Graves Burials in cemeteries and other placesThe Abbé De l’Épée – The Atlantic


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