Coconut Oil for Pets: Skin Care

When you reach down to scratch behind fuzzy ears and feel scabby, flaky,or scaly skin a hand full of coconut oil is the purrfect response. Flea infestations will lead to allergic skin reactions known collectively as dermatitis, in this instance we are talking abour F.A.D., Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Secondary infection can set in from scratching and biting, introducing fungi and bacteria that causes more scratching and biting. Hello… Coconut oil is anti-fungal and bacterial. It hydrates dry skin and promotes fresh cell regeneration.

Coconut oil also soothes irritated hot spots, stopping the itching swelling and discomfort associated with infestations. I have been using it for years on cats and dogs for many reasons and every time the animal is receptive and cooperative as if they instinctually know that it will help and every time it has helped

You really want to get this stuff down to the skin and massage it in. Dry and cracked or calloused foot pads would be a great place to use this

It also helps boost the immune system so while its healing and regrowing skin cells on the outside on the inside it is working overtime as well.

My cat I found crawled up under some dead bushes to keep cool and hide from bugs had been outside since April, its August now. He had a horrendous flea infestation and his skin was having an allergic reaction, you know how they get that layer of crust around their shoulders and neck. He had dread locks knotted to the skin on his belly. He lost so much weight he was too weak to move it was sad to carry him in the house for a cool bath. Angelpie has never been neglected, hes 6 mos inside/6 months outside by his own wild ass choice. When temps start to drop he brings himself back inside to nest himself on the heat vent and gets fat till the spring thaw.

His skin was the worst I’d ever seen on him, not the worst ever, just on him. You could see how red and raw it was from all the scratching and feel all the scabbys around his collar. You could see the relief instantly start and within a few mins the redness went away, his itching stopped. All the little abrasions on his undercarriage fell away once they were hydrated. I could ever feel his skin itself cool down a few degrees; He felt hot and dry to the touch, a couple mins later his skin color returned to its normal shade and he was shivering, but not cold shivering but the kind thats more like shaking or quivering thats how they express relief.

Its almost been a week now, his reacted skin around his shoulders and neck is healing nice and will be good in a few days. I reapplied whenever I saw him digging in with his backlegs scratching. An application lasted about 24-48 hours depending on thickness.

It kept fleas off the skin for about that long too. you could see the fleas hanging off the tips of his hair when it started wearing off, not quite enough though to get to his skin. I was hoping the lauric acid would leave a residue on the skin and hair but it didnt seem to, once it was gone they came back. The acid builds up on their exoskeleton till the flea is immobilized and suffocates

Skin therapy is one of the greatest benefits of coco oil, even if your cat doesnt have fleas or some variation of dermatitis they would really just feel good having some fresh skin cells grow and wash away all the nasties.


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