Switzerland. New World Order Capital

Basel, Switzerland 

That Keller comes from Basel is significant, Basel was given its own boarders and its own coat of arms. It was its own entity, a city-state. as financial capital and therefore was neutral, as it was in WW2, all the way back to its founding, it had independence from the Roman Empire as well. During the Middle Ages Basel fought off both the church and the Hapsburg family. Basel derived its power from the merchant class, a conglomerate known as the Fifteen Guilds. A guild is another name for union, or more appropriately mafia. We will cover a lot of the labor organizing days of the turn of the 20th century so keep this in the back of your mind. 

 It was known for world class weavers, especially silk weaving. Jews are often known as weavers…and merchants and shoe cobblers. It is a nest of pharmaceutical and chemical corporations. Even LSD was created by the Warburg owned Sandoz for the CIA. Headquarters’ for uber bankster globalists Bank of International Settlements (BIS), this is the central bank of central banks and links us to both the cia and knights templar, who were the first international bank cartel. They are a private entity with their own police force and immunity from local governments. Basel was chosen as the place to hold the first Zionist World Conference in 1893, which was the beginning of the creation of israel. The most well to do merchant families and ruling class of aristocrats were known as the ‘Daig’.

The craft of printing was born in Basel, probs one of the most important technologies of humanity. The crusades of 1267 headed out of Basel also links us to the templar knights (Swiss flag) which links it to the Jesuits, illuminati. Not lastly Basel is the only truly sovereign and autonomous territory in the world, most ppl are aware how the Vatican, London City, and Washington D.C. are separate entities from the surrounding country, Basel is one as well and has its own coat of arms featured on coinage since at least the 11th century.  

 Not just Basel but all of Switzerland is home to some creepy shit. Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva… each canton is separate but shares similar features unique to the collective state. This painting to the left is from the 1820’s housed at the Basel Jewish Museum of Switzerland, titled ’The Wandering Jew’ captures the parasitic infiltration. In the background you can see a church steeple, its weathervane features a rooster which could have pagan undertones as a rooster is a manifestation of Abraxis, a variation of the Sun deity. The milestone on the footpath lets you know he is traveling to Basel, coming from the shielded ’G’, which could mean Genoa but could also be Freemasonry. The Wandering Jew represents the Jewish people as a whole and their curse to wander the earth without a homeland. Innumerable variations but common central themes include the Wanderer to be a shoemaker, or weaver, or tailor. This will be an important marker in our journey. 

Wandering Jew, from the museum in Basel

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