The Disappearance of Barbara Newhall Follett: case closed!!

the story goes that child literary prodigy Barbara had gotten into an argument with her husband and left with the equivalent of about $500 and was never heard from again. that is what it is in a sentence, one can pick your article, which is my first red flag. When you see a story thats pushed on all the sites like Wiki-spooks, Atlas Obscura, Learning Mind, Medium, NPR, Mysterious Universe, Dream Shore, and the Guardian it is significant bc these are all some kind of psychologically oriented, borderline paranormal, thats meant to throw your natural thinking patterns off right off the top and you dont even know you’ve been manipulated. Interesting, but not surprising, the wikispooks link, as well as this infogalactic page, goes to a British politician by the same name that was born a Hubbard. (As in the Scientology freak but hes just the most common, the whole family is in on it).

Another fishy smell comes from a collection of personal letter said to chronicle her life, I have found this is most common in fictional historical characters, Not only that but the letters are archived at Columbia University. Thats one of the big-time intelligence operation centers. I mean military-type Intel, not intelligence like schools. The whole network of Universities function as a single unit that was designed as a recruitment ground and operations command and research and development from the beginning, it wasn’t hijacked or taken over like some people suggest. Spooks at Columbia U were set up as a psychological warfare center, might as well be Harvard or Yale.

Father, Wilson Follett is another dead give-away this is a mil-intel psy-op, he graduated from Harvard and was a teacher at Brown, these are two more central command hubs, the prestigious Ivy League schools to the peasants. Wilson also was editor for the Atlantic Monthly. I have written extensivly about these cats, everything they do is a mindfuck. Here is an open letter he wrote and published in May 1941 in Atlantic, it is not the words of a grieving father but a psychological manipulation tool used to insert propaganda and direct disinformation, and of course to name-drop other agents. Wilson was also contributer for Harpers Weekly. this line-up may as well have been the National Inquirerer tabloid, the only difference is Harpers is supposed to be taken seriously.

Her fake disappearence is still used today to sell papers, the latest difinitive work is mockingly titled, ‘the celebrity vanishing act’. They know 99% of people wont understand and nobody will listen to the 1% that do see through their bullshit.

Speaking of minfdfuck rags our good friends at the NY Times are the ones that supposdly gave Barbara the label as child genius and literary prodigy. They only promote their own.

House without windows is a allegory forthe institutionalized prison state of mind. Coupled with a cover image full of butterflys, a symbol of MK-Ultra Project Monarch, mind control program.

Her first alleged book was “The House Without Windows” that sounds too similar to “a room without a view”, meaning a prison cell, in some interpretations, the prison cell of the mind, so the title is appropriate for the cast. Another thing is there is no continuity, each page is inconsistant with details about stuff like her age and the year she was born and when her books were published. The majority of places agree she wrote it at the age of 8 but it wasnt published until 13. I have to call bullshit again, 8 and 13 are both numerical signals.

The content of the book is suspect as well, its about an imaginary world which she creates her own languages, kinda extreme behavior for an 8 year old huh? Almost every source plugs her to a literary spook named H.L. Mencken, H.L. wrote an ongoing satire about the American language, was an outspoken Atheist and political commentator… In other words he was a likely author for the childrens book and the daddy had it published through Knopf.

One of the most damning connections that prove the book and disappearance is fabricated is her relation to Salem Witch Hoax, Mary Walcott. May was one of the regulars in the fake history narrative, this is a dead ringer and has been outed twice, once for being a mockery set up by aristocrats but again for being part of history that was never reality to begin with. There was no Colonial America thus there was no with trials. It is impossible to be related to somebody that didnt exist… unless of course you forged the whole family tree. Salem Witch hoax seems to be written as a signal for the women. In a mans world they need a different kind of claim. Every female spook project has been related to the Salem With event has been on the maternal side. An early fem movement project.

Her books seem to have a common theme of being published years after they are written, for instance her autobiography wasnt published until 1964, about 2 and a half decades after her alleged disappearance.

Also noteworthy is her plug for the Appalachian trail, her travelogue guide was written shortly after the Ancient footpath was said to be concieved, her guide was to prop up a fake history. You can tell by the central pyramid in the sigil who controls the A.T.
Heres one from the family album of young Miss Follet, but wait, who is that portrait of on the desk, looks like the father of communism that lead the Bolshevik Revolution Lenin to me, why would a Harvard educated professor have a frame picture of a commie dictator on his desk. Keep in mind it did not go unnoticed, meaning you are supposed to see it. the sad thing is, most people that see it have no clue who Vlad Lenin even is.

Lets talk about her NYTimes disappearance notice. This isnt even close to the year she supposedly vanished. Looks like they had her scripted as a run-away for a long time. This instance didnt plan out the desired effect so chalk it up as predictive programming, a rehersal. The NYT is comparable to the Atlantic in that it only inserts other agents into its narrative. Yale professors (Skull and Bones) New Haven spooktown orchestra participant and the Hawai’ian Islands were a slave plantation (Banana Republic) owned by the eugenicists Dole family, (the fruit company)


Another lead I can pass on to any body interested is the town which this supposedly occured. Brookline is ground zero for Intel Ops. Situated between Worcester and Boston and Lowell, each with a background too extensive to start here, take a look at some of the local hospitals and their particiatpation with human experimentation, spefically with radiation and again with the birth control pill development.

nickerson rodgers

Also a professor at the inner circle of central command hubs disguised as institutes of higher learning. Teaching physics at Dartmouth and Exeter. He was involved with Polaroid and had a large hand in instant photography.

Nicky boy didnt exact act like a worried and grieving husband. Her disappearance wasnt reported for 2 weeks and wasnt pushed for several months. 13 yrs would pass before a ‘serious’ call for investigation would be talked about. (13 again) This is bc nobody was missing and nobody was worried. the 13 year mark was name dropping to sell headlines.

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    1. Mayhap mine eyes doth deceive me. Are you seriously going to challenge something without a link? It looks more like Mr Miyagi than anyone. There are probably many small details I have been mistaken about but it does not negate the article or my position. That little bitch faked it and comes from a family of fakers. Normies crack me up. You people grasp onto anything possible to protect your illusion of reality. Thanx for the heads-up nonetheless, I’ll be sure to add a close up of all parties mentioned for a side by side. That way there’s no doubt it’s Miyagi-san


    2. Ahh, it does look like Conrad, Thanx for blowing the cover of another one. You must be so proud of your superhuman ability to differentiate talentless agent author’s and be disrespectful at the same time. The good news is even when I’m wrong I’m right, this racist ass could merit his own post are you kidding me, lol. So he fought the polish resistance against Russia and was the son of Apollo and was financed by the Hidden Hand and you think… What? Who cares about the pic. It was inserted on purposes and as a promotion. You can put whoever you want in the picture. It does not change anything. I’ll give you credit when I uodate. Xoxo


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