Elijah H. Gammon: Agri-tech Patent Troll, Cattle Baron, Land Pirate, and Black Preacher Pedagogue

Farm implement manufacturer for controlling the food supply.

Gammons played the cover as an abolitionist preacher. Born in 1819 to a poor farmer in Maine he got his ticket out from the Methodist church. You gotta watch out for the early Methodists, by Methodists they mean Missionaries. Watch out for Missionaries bc Indians are fake and this was an intelligence network disguised as a church. The family farm is known as Gilmore Pond Plantation, it was first recorded as a failed settlement attempt by Isaiah Elder, finally settled as the town of Lexington, a companion of Concorde, a few miles down the road. The two are named in tribute to the America Revolution locations, The American Revolution is a fake timeline event, just like the fake- Indians. America was repopulated, not colonized Colonial America is a hoax, mainly to self validate huge land grabs and authority but, i mean, the people gotta have a history right?. Lexington and Concorde Maine, named for the fake Rev locales means Elders settlement wasnt so failed afterall. History is full of instances of a Utopian breakaway settlement that failed but if you look closer alot of times you can see echos. Plus, the name Elder is sprinkled all throught the family trees of every body involved which means it was their break away settlement, they never left.

His Geni page claims he was descended from an American Revolution veteran and the name Gammons is most common in New England, Canada, and Scotland. The US/Canada border is only meant to compartmentalize locations. This was one big tract of land and many important Reset families came or went from this part of the world, notably from Scotland. Our Gammons came from Gorham where they were president of the bank, I doubt he was only a simple poor farmer descended from Patriot banksters but hey. This comes back up later as Gammons purchases the bank of Batavia, IL… from a Coffin…of Nantucket nonetheless. Thats a different post altogether i have written it but still have to transfer all my files from word docs to wordpress. Fuckin crazy though. I know most people don’t understand the significance of that. In that case you better sub to my page so you can find out. This sends the failed farming settlement narrative right out the window.

Gammon left Maine and started a private school in Ross Grove, Dekalb county, Illinois in 1851 but the next year he was accepted into the Methodist conference and placed in charge of the church at St Charles. The year after that he moved to run the Jefferson St Church in Chicago. Neither of these churches have specific names, making it hard to research. The Jeff St church is on a list of historic churches of Chicago but no details or pics except the pastor is a Rev. T.M. Eddy most remembered for his biography of Abe Lincoln; the first of many spook authors writing the script for a phantom icon. From Chicago he went to Batavia and retired from ministry work altogether in ’58. DeKalb is also home to the Marsh brothers

The time and location suggest he was offered a pretty good deal to walk away from the church. Gammons formed a partnership distributing for Military Industrial Complex war wagon manufacturer Newton and Company.

Levi Newton opened a wagon and wheel making business in Batavia in 1854. The first shop in Attica NY lost everything to a fire. In 1857 his son Don Carlos joined the family biz. D.C. fought with the 52 infantry during the war. Many of the members of his troop were Prindles, this will come up later. They fought at the Battle of Shiloh, Both the Siege and Battle of Corinth, and Shermans March to the Ocean. Im not familiar with the former battles but Shermans Scorched-Earth March was about destroying Old World fingerprints like architecture and cemeteries.

The damage above are pics of Atlanta in ruins after Shermans March. There is significant evidence for the case of weaponized energy technology (DEW’s). the 52nd Infantry of Illinois at Ft Montgomery, MS. (hidden hand). Most of the troop was related and privileged with the biggest loss being the Battle of Shiloh, this battle is now suspect and will be treated as such.

Gammon partnered up with J.D. Easter while in Chicago. Here is an item up for bid at an auction its a Chicago letterhead signed from Easter regarding the sale of the Marsh Harvester in 1868. Sales of the Harvester went from a few hundred per year at this time to 5,000 per year at its height. I stake Gammon brought the Marsh Harvester to Gammon once he spent some time in Batavia he realized Newton was not going to be able to make the transition from wagons to reapers. Marsh’s relocated to DeKalb around 1850; Gammon first went to DeKalb in 1851 from Maine. Its not impossible they didn’t know each other from the back East. They were not too far apart geographically; the border compartments didn’t exist back then. Plus, by 1850 Reaper development was in full swing in Europe and people like Rev Patrick Bell were traveling through this part of the world about the same time that the European factions were sending full scale working models back to their counterparts in the New World. In fact I think not only is it possible but extraordinarily likely that Marsh and Gammon locate to DeKalb bc it was a manufacturing hub, probly operating before the repopulation.

In fact this article from the 1919 publication Harvester World does proclaim Gammon and Marsh knew each other from before. I have found several errors in their report though so take it with a grain of salt. Easter and Gammon operated a small factory under license manufacturing and selling Marsh Harvesters. I take this as another example of how history gets more and more compartmentalized over time. A century ago stuff like this was easy to find but each time it is rewritten more ans more connections are removed.

1868 is also the year which Gammon and Easter part ways, each taking half of the territory they controlled for the Marsh harvester. Gammon takes up partnership with the old army buddies of Newton, the Prindles. This leads to his acquiring of substantial factory works in Plano where the two produce the Marsh Harvesters. The factories were controlled by the Stewards, their scripted geneology goes back to the Crown.

When William Deering enters the picture Prindle is bought out and the Gammon and Deering Co. become sole owner of the Plano factories. In 1880 Deering moves on to Chicago and its Gammons turn to be bought out. All the mergers and dissolutions are compartmentalization to deceive the public. The mission this whole time is the end-game controlling the food supply, the players are just a vehicle. They have always been on the same team. The moving of Deering to Chicago comes right after Gammon spends two years traveling around Europe, according to normie history he is grieving the loss of his son but its more likely he was on a recon mission of some sort, possibly even to Scotland where his family comes from and theres a Bell mentioned in his Will that could be related to the Bell reaper chapter. It would be even more bizarre if the families werent connected and staying in contact the whole time. Check the World Fairs and see if Gammons was there at any point.

In 1856 Gammon takes a second wife, Jane Catherine Colton, a widow that was born Prindle, and sister of Mary, who was the wife of D.C. Newton of the war wagon manufacturer. Prindles came to Batavia as the old man was superintendent of the Hoyt Barrel Company, there are two branches of Hoyts to follow, you tell me which one you think it is, the woodworking shop makes cooper barrels or the metal shop making gun barrels. So this completes the circuit, they are all one big happy family. In 1857 the couple had a son, Charles Wesley, who died unexpectedly while at school in Worcester MA in ’76. Worcester is an operations command center for Intel projects and its name throws up huge red-flags. I think it is more likely the 18 yo was sent on assignment and his death was a cover story. Charles would be given a new name and scripted background and could show up anywhere in the world and nobody would even think to question him. Thats the kind of place Worcester is. Considering in 1878 Elijah and Jane would take 2 years traveling Europe Id say thats a good place to start looking for a reunion. It wouldn’t surprize me if Charles was moved somewhere that was also in the Reaper development project. Gammon could travel around and debrief clandestine operations with his son pulling the strings, check churches too.

Jane would lose her son from her first marriage much earlier, 12 year old Norman was supposedly run over by a street car in Chicago in 1863. Im not saying spook kids dont die but I haven’t found one yet that has convinced me they arent simply fake deaths for the public eye.

In 1880 Gammon returns to Batavia and together with bro-in-law Newton purchase the Coffin and Young Bank. The first bank in Batavia was opened by a Coffin of the Nantucket purchasers, another one of the prominent Reset families you never heard of. After the Civil War Newton borrowed 500$ from Coffin to build his house, less than 20 years later he bought the bank itself.

When brother in law Prindle was paid off William Deering entered the scene

In 1881 Plano Manufacturing Company was formed with Gammon as VP until his death. This was after Deering has moved to Chicago. G stays behind and keeps it small. He’s a shadow-worker that still has other side-gigs to do. Plus his Last Will is hidden behind a paywall you can get the free trial then delete your card info. His will uses PMC to pay off relatives. He give the most shares to his grand daughter along with several properties in Chicago, a woman named Sarah Belle Harvey who had no mentions at all during the whole narrative. No Bells made an appearance in this chapter, i found it odd considering Pat Bell was from Scotland, a fake preacher, and an early Reaper developer. These spook Reset families stay close.

Last will of Gammon adds a few more leads

At this point in the narrative Gammons becomes too ill and has to pass the reigns to Deering. Throughout his whole life every time he abruptly picks up and moves it is blamed on poor health. From his leaving Maine to leaving the ministry and leaving the reaper biz is health related. This is a common theme I see repeatedly throughout history, anytime you run across a character making sudden movements and blaming it on health you should look deeper bc they are lying. Gammon uses health and religion to conceal his movements. Religion is another cover like poor health, especially missionary work. (Methodists are cryptojews).

Selective breeding programs are usually a cover for eugenics

Another project Gammon and Newton would establish was a livestock breeding company. Any kind of selective breeding program for animals is always a back door for eugenics. Among the officers of the biz headquartered in Wyoming were a JP and Samuel Gammon, both unidentified, known only through some lawsuit docs. Speculation is they were cousins or nephews… perhaps one was his son. This would place him at ground zero of the Cattle Baron Wars of the late 1800’s. They are NEVER unconnected. Trying to research a figure like Gammon is difficult bc they want to stay in the shadows. All the information about them is whitewashed to make them look as benevolent as possible. In an atmosphere like this finding his cattle baron connection is extremely fortunate. He has been compartmentalized so that search engines take you to his ministry or his Black seminary or his reaper influence. Nothing about this. Cant wait to get lost in this rabbithole for a few days.

There is a company out today by the same name that claims no ties to the original

This is a clipping from a Deadwood newspaper 1893. It highlights the level of involvement the team would contribute to the arena. Notice the horses were purchased in Illinois, stomping grounds from the reaper development days. His business was in the deadwood papers put his ranch was in Johnson County, as in the Johnson County Cattle Wars. This was really a good hit. the timeline is around the Battle of Wounded Knee which falls into the Fake Indians category. post a comment if you have any questions or leads.

Black Ministers for future role in eugenicist sterilization program and Civil Rights Movement

He started a theology campus at Clark University, which eventually became Gammon Theological Seminary, for the training of black ministers. The PC crowd of today praise and adore him for this but they dont consider these were the same black preachers that were involved with other projects like the Margaret Sanger “Negro Project”. Sanger said it best in the letter to Clarence Gamble to use the Black preachers to keep the people compliant.

Gammon holds several distinctions as a seminary. It was the first institution devoted exclusively to the training of Negro minsters and religious workers to receive accreditation from the American Association of Theological Schools (1938). It was also the first endowed institution in the South sponsored by what was known as the Methodist Episcopal Church (to be distinguished from the Methodist Episcopal Church South). One of its most notable presidents was Harry V. Richardson (1948-1959). In 1959 Richardson would merge Gammon into the Interdenominational Theological Center. Interdenominational means ‘all religions’, should have said ‘one religion’. Its the New World Order school to infiltrate Black churches.

He left a condition when he died and bequeathed a large sum to the Black theological seminary school he founded that it should be handled by the Freedman Aid Society. The F.A.S. is a special interest project of the American Missionary Association. Anything that begins and ends with the American Association is a front for the bad guys. This is no different. the AMA itself is a side project of the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missionaries, the group that was founded by Jedidiah Morse to pull off the fake-Indian scam.

The Freedman Aid Society was reorganized in 1920 as the Board of Education for Negros and again in ’39 as the Board of Ed of the Methodist Church. I guess they think hiding behind religion will work every time.

Martin Luther King was a Methodist but he got his degree from Harvard. This outs him automatically as its Harvard. In the neighbofhood of the original group the ABCFM but I added this segment to a growing list of stuff to check up on. These groups never dissolve only just keep changing names. this is Compartmentalization.

*See Also: Staunton comments about the reaper winning the war by giving Union soldiers time out of the fields while keeping up the bread supply. A priceless piece of corporate propaganda. Its another bread reference to get Joe Schmo to root for the war machine. Bread is a common theme for riots, strikes, protests, revolutions and also now the Civil War.

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