MudFlood Eureka Springs

1895 Construction or Big Dig?

I found this pic on tripadvisor. 1895 Eureka Springs. Lets zoom in bc I see this thing is a textbook example of what a mudflood clean up would look like.

I see stairs that lead to no where, foundations with fireplaces exposed. footpaths through empty, yet fenced in lots. Empty pilings where houses used to be. The road is literally cut into the side on the mountain. you would expect that normally but that is fresh. Oh yeah wheres all the trees? this whole mountain top is clear. And wheres all the people? If this were a up and coming town there would be people right? I see canopies which to me is like an ‘open’ sign. It’s obvious some work has been done. just enough so that if it were repopulated you could tell the immigrants its beginning to be built. I think all of America was like this. Excavated.

the thing that brought me here was a bio on one of the first settlers. All the history books make a big deal he was on the first roads planning commission. That’s bc he was an Inheritor. They inherited the earth after a great reset event. this was an energy technology that did this. the DEW. the Inheritors use false history to self valsidate their own importance. Power, Wealth ,Authority, Prestige. Colonial America is a Hoax. Repopulated.

The history of Eureka Springs is centered on the Cresent Hotel. Its an Olde World building, probs the only one spared judging by the look of the town. Supposedly it was built as a secret getaway for railroad tycoons to go hide out in the mountains but theres just one little problem with that is theres no railroad stop Oops. At one time there mustve been bc you can take a tourist loop around the mountain, like an hour ride, the only way to get in town is to take the train to Little Rock about 4 hrs away.

Cresent hotel fin 1886

Another fable in its construction is the masons and architects had to be brought in from Ireland. The walls are 18 inches thick with no mortar. As the project was wrapping up all the architects and stone workers were killed in a freak accident. Any time some body dies in a freak accident they are lying.


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