Gleason New Standard Map. Flat Earth Fraud

and Fake indians

This is really about fake history, we’ve already wasted enough energy on the FE psy-op. I just came across a pic I had to share. I was researching fake Indian tribes to cover for the Reset. The was no colonial America. America was repopulated, not colonized, therefore there were no Indians. What I think was here before the repopulation wouldve been survivors of the Reset event, a Mudflood in some places but not all. Survivors wouldve banded together, thrust back into the stone age surrounded by great ruins. These people formed the Feral Class. Along comes the Inheritors claim ownership of the buildings and bring the Orphan Immigrants. Get in line or get sent to one of the disporportionate insane asylums or re education school.

The imagry of the Native American Indian originally come from spooks at the World Fairs and specifically the Human Zoo’s. This was done on a world scale as well as American. Buffalo Bill Wild West show and PT Barum helped out. The media was always complict in using the invisible threat of indians like they still use the threat of fake nukes and terrorism and viruses. The Trail of Tears has a full chapter Im almost finished and goes back fake indians used to justify a permant military presence and then then Indian eviction. led to the Georgia Gold Rush false flag to repopulate the area formally called Indian Territory, they even had a land lotto. Id like to see the lucky winners of the choice property. The whole thing was a cover for land grabbing. trail of tears was used on many levels but thats just the intro today its about the fake Gleason map.

Indian stereotype imagry circulated by F. Gleason of Boston
Boston Pub. by F. Gleason 2 1/2 Tremont Row

gleasons weekly

Frederick Gleason is guilty of publishing fake illustrations to pass as factual history. He is called the ‘Father of Illustration Journalism’ but its just a step away from comic books. One of the forefathers of the ‘Dime Novel’. Gleason’s Boston based rag was one of the popular illustration publishers of the day. Freddy counted as his rivals PT Barnum, who also had a big role in pushing the Indian hoax, by rival I mean partner. I haven’t checked for a relationship with Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Show but Im sure its there.

Gleason Map

The go-to map of the Flat Earth Jump-Squad by spook intel family Gleason

Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving are a marker as well, though not many would recognize them right off the top, the are Big Wigs at the Pan-Am Expo of 1901, the Buffalo World Fair. This one featured the fake assassination of Prez McKinley (I wonder if McKinley and McKenney are same family).

This stamp from Boston Public Library is an obvious signal to other agents that this fake doc is a psy-op. Boston is the spook capital, forget Langley, anything stamped by them is automatically flagged
Check some history on the Patent Office and what their true purpose is and role in directing, by directing i mean diverting the speed of progression of the whole society. Their inclusion is noteworthy.

All-seeing eye of the Flat earth map

My favorite part is calling out the easy ones everyone missed. Yep, heres your most common well-understood-to-be-the-bad-guys sigil in the pictographic language of the Reset Overlords. Right at the top, front and center in bold capital letters and even parenthesis to let you know they mean business.

A. Gleason vs. F. Gleason

Im sure many people will be yelling at their screen by now at me that the two inserted fake docs are done by two dif people and that doesnt prove anything. Ok, sure, whatever you say. Im not here to convince you. Even though they both are involved with major psychological warfare projects from boston in the mid-late 1800’s, both have connections to World Fairs, and both share the same name. Im sure theres a logical explanation for this, right?

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