We Need To Talk About Uvalde

Uvalde school shooting false flag

the local sheriff put a ‘help wanted’ sign up on March 21st for an active shooter training exercise to be held on the next day. So that means 3/22 was a mass shooting simulation that went live a few weeks later.

3/22 Skull and Bones Mock Human Sacrifice

3/22 is a shout out to special interest project Skull and Bones at basecamped at Yale. this is significant. its like say, a group of hippies having a smoke out on april 20th. Everyone knows 420 is a reference to reefer and the hippies have their little ritual, Skull and Bones have their day too and having a active shooter training drill go live is the same concept. This by itself is enough to crack the case wide open without anymore details.

Event 201 Predictive Programming

These kinds of events have become so commonplace nobody even registers when they see one the foreshadowing it presents. Or maybe it could be the flouride and aluminum…

The flier put out by the cops wouldnt be enough to try and provide a strong case to a normie anyway. any one off a number of psychological issues could be blocking them but then the NYPost put out an article about the simulation. They call it a ‘creepy coincidence.’

Uvalde Crisis Actors

heres some footage of a future oscar… or grammar winner or whatever tf they call the thing.

Miles Mathis Uvalde Shill Alert

Old Miles Triple Threat Mathis is up to the same old MO. Heres the thing with these guys, yes it is plural, even if there is only one guy behind the name he has a full on circle jerk fan club at his spook hang out CTTF, or CTTBS if you ask me. you have to check every single thing he says bc he lies so much and leaves out the best parts to throw you off, youd be better off just doing your own work from the get-go. I dont check up on anything he says be hey, once you gets caught deceiving the first time thats it, youre a liar period. I do my own work and i dont use liars for leads and i dont get paid or beg for donations either. I do check for evidences that support my position, Mathis is a project. I write these only for the poor bastards finally coming out of their state induced coma and can easily be manipulated, those are the people Mathis and Fan boys target, bc they dont know yet how to call the bitches out.

Read his report yourself if youre interested in his details, I only want to highlight the paragraph he mentions himself:

Yep, I do believe you this time for a change. He tells you they only shout out to their own and play their little spook games, and then tries to sneak in past you that hes included. hes not a threat, hes one of them, hes a fucking spook too and he just admitted it and showed the high-five mention in the latest psychological warfare operation. If you didnt catch that you need to tighten your game up. Its the only sentence I saw in the whole article that said anything.