More Miles Mathis Bullshit

Who built the railroads? Peerage is Fake. Plus, JonBenet, the Jesuits, and Helen Keller

I dont waste my time reading his work anymore. When I wrote this I still would use his site to pick through the scraps of truth he throws out like dog bones but he is no dif than any other Babylon source. There are too many instances and I dont have the inclination to call him out on everything. Really I have been playing around with this web page builder to springboard another project. Some of the other subjects he covers for except chemtrails are the Great Reset, not the Anal Schwab book for the WEF, Im talking about the last reset that was only like 250 years ago. He is covering the Reset and the culture that was here before and their technology… Hmm, maybe thats why he has the science page, besides being a psychological operation by itself he is burying the technology that was here Before, unlimited free and clean energy. He tries to wrap it all up under the umbrella of Tartaria, of course he would, bc he’s a shill agent and thats what they do.

His paper on Twain was one of the first ones I’d ever read. The takeaway here is that he never mentions helen keller, you wont find a bio without name dropping one or the other. Cant remember if he talks about Twains Angelfish club for little girls. probly Mathis did not, he takes it awefully easy on pedophiles in general. Besides that one comment that stayed with me was his remark about who built the railroads. He was trying to pass it off as a note-to-self, like, “Hmmm, this is interesting the railroad keeps popping up with all these aristocratic eugencist psychopaths and false flag state terror, maybe one day ill get around to looking into the construction…” Lol, good luck with that. The railroad is Pre-Reset, probs ancient. The canal system too, the Eerie canal, Panama, B&O. There was a canal building culture as well. The mound builders of the Ohio Valley? well i aint got time for that my dinners getting cold and mama is giving me that look. My point is Miles is covering with his little smirky ass comments like that proves he knows it.

The ancient railroad theory isnt something you can just prove to someone with a link or 2 in a few paragraphs. It takes the intuition honed off years of research. Dig deep. The route you take is your own personal journey. The destination is where we all arrive together. I mean, if you dont believe me now, which Im sure many people do not agree if youre reading an expose’ of Agent jerk-ass mathis, just keep searching for the truth and you will get here on your own. Thats the thing about truth, there is only one, thats what makes calling out BS artists so easy.

The Peerage is a fictional stage prop. fucking Mathis worships it. bases his whole schitck off it, never even thinking to question ITS authenticity. Nope, steering all questions AWAY from that subject. The peerage is a self validation document to hold up a fake history… like the magna carta or Declaration of Independence. It was dreamt up by the Reset class and the Inheritors whole entire existance is to protect the status quo.

The Jesuits were not connected with the Ramsey case. The connection is Mathis himself and his lying ass misled readers in all instances. Just so happens these cases ended up on the same page together at the time of writing.

Another example of Triple Threat Mathis leaving out information intentionally I picked up early on was on his JonBenet Ramsey article. He goes on and on about his fathers ties to military, sure, they corroberate my own research, but except for one sentence about the mothers ancestors ties to fake Salem witch trials he never mentions her again. That by itself is huge, her ties to the salem event. These are generational family projects and this is evidence of a bigger conspiracy but he doesnt hit it. He doesnt hit that mama was a Miss West Virginia winner and model either, pedophilia must be off limits as well. That is an mkultra monarch project link he skips right on by. I guess he got his point across without needing the extra info huh. techniqually he didnt tell any lies. Sorry bro-ski, omission is fucking lying.

The incident that made me finally put all these flags down for the greater community which our boy Triple Threat deceivingly withheld information I came across the other day. I was working on Ignatius Loyola and the jesuits recently and was looking to see miles contribution in his article. We both arrive at the same destination for the most part. there is only one truth, thats what makes it so easy to catch them when they lie outright. two people researching the same thing will reach the same conclusions, regardless of the road they take to get there. and if its different thats the best part, you get to compare notes and figure out where the split is… and bust out some lying ass rich bitches along the way. This doesnt work all the time but often enough. its always good form to put your truth up against everybodies.

So starting the segment he sets out to provide evidence the jesuits were cryptojews he sites a book ‘ the Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews’. He does his thing about explaining it all to you. you know, to save you the trouble so you dont have to look for yourself, which he knows most everyone doesnt anyway. He tries to dissuade you real good too. Makes sure you understand how extremely rare the book is and if you are lucky enough to find a copy its hundreds and hundreds of dollars to obtain. Instead he tells you all you need to know, only enough to get his point across. he doesnt actually want you to read the whole book, or even look for it. He leaves a link to his old self admitted cia hang out Veterns Today for more info about the book, directing interested parties to his other job at Operation Circle Jerk

When I see comments like that its like a challenge. My dick gets hard digging up rare and expensive information. It took me about 3 secs and one keyword search. They are giving away the free pdf, all 300+ pages of extremely rare and expensive Jesuit Order synagogue at every site that came up. it is being promoted. when it comes up in every hit like that its bc they want you to find it. Miles mentions it as part of this promotion. After i realized this I took the Veterens Today link anyway and the first paragraph in their article tells you right away. ‘go get the free PDF’… Sooo, is triple threat fucking retarded and couldnt find it, or did he give a link figuring you wont take it anyway after he tells you everything you need to know. He fucked up here bc it is a boldface lie. no omissiveness confusion. he told you one thing intentionally to decieve you that you can prove he knew what he was doing.

Mathis is always crying about his supposed shadowban. He cries as much as Icke, Icke has just been doing it longer. MM has pages seeming to confirm that he is actively censored but he is not, This is just more evidence he uses distorted perception. He is actually promoted, just in a non traditional sense. None of the conspiracy controlled projects are openly promoted, Icke, Jones, Rogan. it gives them street cred. like the bragging rights when you get a 30 day ban on social media. What self respecting conspiracy theorist cant say he is shadowbanned. In its own way his work does come up. most usually in some variation being carried by one of the lesser fronts. but thats part of the schtick. you cant get it from him, remember, you have to get it here instead, this way he gets his street cred and the info still makes its rounds. Miles…whoever, publishes the original and the algorithms direct traffic to the cia fronts that he openly admits to have worked with in the past and still uses every day to prop himself up. ‘Look a this guy, he is fake, I told you so, that means I am not fake.’ Its all coordinated. Also if you try to find the negative reports on him youd figure they would come up first right. all of his debunkers and the army of factcheckers. nope none of that either. his most heavily promoted essays are of course his best work. Lincoln, phoenician navy, salem witch events… those will come up everytime. try keyword searching Pantsload Mathis or Nephilum King mathis. In all his mock bravado about his attackers being outed and other such bullshit that sounds like wrasslin’ trash talk ‘I will get you so good if you come at me…’ Sure guy youre right. Youll get the ones from gnostic media that you can use for street cred bc you bitches prop each other up, but you wont respond to the real researcher that does the real work and looks at your family lines instead of the lies we get at mathis site. his genealogy has been evidenced he knowingly lied about being connected to the families and he refuses to acknowledge it. THAT is the article that get censored. THIS is the article that gets censored. The stuff that proves he is just another fake ass brat wont come up in a keyword search unless you correctly spell the title and subtitle. they want you to think they dont want you to find miles ‘work’ but they do.

Ironically it was Miles himself that inspired me to step up my game. I had all the pieces already, I didnt know how they fit together and miles work showed me how to make the connections myself. I learned how by reading his material and how he arrived at the conclusion and i applied it to my own research and in the end i used it to uncover what he was hiding all the time. He is one of them. Thanx bro for the tip.

The other major essay I caught him in a boldface omissive lie is his ACLU paper. Im sure whatever he wrote is true, remember 95% of the stuff i have checked has cleared. his M.O. isnt tellling most truths and partial lies, its telling all truth and leaving extras out. Im sure his aclu paper is 100% acurate but what he left out was fucking crazy big. Helen Keller is the biggest spook project of the century. so big even Miles Triple Threat Mathis isnt allowed to touch it. his essay never mentions her one time. even though she was a huge celebrity when she founded the ACLU and it wouldnt exist if it wasnt for her. miles doesnt feel she merited even a tip of the hat. He gives the full wiki run down and provides a link of course so you dont take it but if you do you see her name is the very first one. So either he is fucking retarded and blind or he intentionally left it out so you wouldnt know.

Once you are aware of the sleight of hand the magic tricks no longer work. I could go over every article he put out and whip his ass one omitted statement at a time but I got shit to do. I already spent like 3 hours writing this. I know its got spelling and grammer errors guess what idgaf. I know i didnt include links. guess what. if you looked for yourself i wouldnt be needing to tell you this to begin with.

The only person i have been unable to out as an agent is Bill Cooper. I have tried honestly but have not been able to get dirt on him. Ask Cooper what happens to people the bilderbergers consider a threat. O yeah you cant. because they killed him.

Upon reflection i think its immpossible for him to be the only person not an agent, I mean the ONLY one? No fucking way. Hes’ a Cooper FFS. I do believe he was honest though. maybe it should be its own article since ppl compare mathis to cooper. Just bc a person is lying doesnt mean he’s dishonest. Mathis is a dishonest liar bc he is aware he is lying. For sure. Cooper told the truth as close as he knew it himself, he got alot wrong but I think information access is something we take for granted. Cooper said he looked for 20 years to find a copy of a certain video, I found it on my first keyword search.

Cooper was born into the elite class, his involvement with the Demolay outfit and Naval Intelligence he is up front about. In Pale Horse he talks about the warning he got run off the road and left for dead and lost a leg, this warning meant something. if it was a member of the Orphan Class he would not have been left alive.

Plus, I mean come on he had a radio program, by default this makes him one.


  1. Miles Mathis?

    21,042,854 views Nov 19, 2022
    Bob Dylan fooled the world for decades claiming to have written many of the melodies to his hit songs when in fact most of the melodies were from preexisting songs that he did not write, including Blowin In The Wind.
    In a last nail in the coffin scenario James Damiano’s movie “Eleven Years” draws the straw that breaks the camel’s back, rivets Bob Dylan to his secret past of plagiarism and rewrites musical history” ……Virtue Films
    No artist can lay claim to the controversy that has surrounded the career of songwriter James Damiano. Thirty-two years ago, James Damiano began an odyssey that led him into a legal maelstrom with Bob Dylan that, to this day, fascinates the greatest of intellectual minds.
    Since auditioning for the legendary CBS Record producer John Hammond, Sr., who influenced the careers of music industry icons Charlie Christian, Billy Holiday, Bob Dylan, Pete Seger, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughan, James has engaged in a half a billion-dollar copyright infringement lawsuit with Bob Dylan.
    As the curtain rises on the stage of deceit, we learn that CBS / Sony international recording artist, Bob Dylan not only used songs and lyrics written by James Damiano but also solicited Mr. Damiano’s materials for a period of over ten years and eleven months. One of those songs is nominated for a Grammy as the best rock song of the year. Ironically the title of that song is Dignity.
    It is now common knowledge that Bob Dylan has been accused of plagiarism in over two hundred separate incidences. In Dylan’s early career he would plagiarize one or two songs from different artists. By the late seventies his professional schedule became very demanding of his time, and he was afforded less time to write. It was at this time he was introduced to James Damiano’s materials.
    Damiano a prolific writer provided a treasure trove of material to Dylan over the course of eleven years of which Dylan took the liberty of taking advantage of without crediting Damiano for said materials. Eventually Dylan acquired twenty-seven years of James Damiano’s writing.

    Eleven Years


    1. Thank you for the link. I never was a Dylan fan. I saw him play with willy Nelson one time. Dylan was the only concert I ever walked out of. My mind always goes to interview with Ed Bradley,he admits signing a blood contract. I’m not much on the whole industry anymore


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